Yahoo! API News: and Answers

    August 16, 2006

From the API news department… API over https

My linkblog recently broke for a bit. It’s powered by and a bit of curl and Perl. Luckily Toby pinged me to say “hey dumbass, fix your script…” Why? There’s a new API in place.

The new API is pretty much the same, except that it’s now accessible via https rather than http and it versioned as well. So my old “fetch all bookmarks” script looked like this:

curl --silent --user jzawodn:mypassword -o links.xml.$$ \
-O ''

and it now looks like this:

curl --silent --user jzawodn:mypassword -o links.xml.$$ \
-O ''

And now I see that running curl with -slient and without -L was a bad idea. Lesson learned.

I also got a sneak peak at version 2.0 of the API and really like what I see. is really going to be a killer bookmarking/tagging platform what that stuff ships.

Answers API Launched

Yahoo! Answers also got API’d today. Using the Answers API, you can search questions based on keywords, get details, and so on. Check out the “Try It Now” interactive thingy that Kent put together on the documentation page.

I can’t imagine trying to do that with SOAP. :-)

As with other stuff, you can get responses back as XML, PHP, or JSON.

The API is fairly basic and read-only for now, but there’s more work going on behind the scenes. If you encounter bugs, let us know.

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