Yahoo Answers Call For Quality Content

    August 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Voting has a place on Yahoo Answers, as users of the popular question and answer site will see that become part of the site.

When Yahoo Answers first debuted in December 2005, I thought of it as a glorified Usenet with nicer colors and JavaScript. While some of the questions and answers were thoughtful and entertaining, a lot of noise entered the mix too.

The old Usenet concept of plonking a comment that did not add to the value of a thread received an Ajax-styled revival, as Yahoo disclosed the rollout of some changes to Answers that will let users self-police the site, and separate the good from the bad.

Yahoo has had a ‘report abuse’ link available for questions and answers. Joining that link will be a thumbs up/thumbs down action bar, single-click vote users can cast for what they see.

Answers users must reach Level 2 before they will be able to see that action bar. They can attain Level 2 and higher by answering and asking questions on Yahoo Answers. That prevents new users, like spammers, from signing up and skewing the results immediately. It takes a little time to move up to Level 2, and maybe that will stop some potential abusers from joining the site.

The popularity of Answers can be seen easily. Questions pop up in the queue almost continually, and answers post to them almost as fast. Yahoo has a link to Answers under the search box on its newly revamped home page, giving it a very visible placement.

That has likely helped boost its numbers, which Yahoo said consist of 14.3 million unique users providing over 30 million answers since the service launched.


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