Yahoo Announces Finds Of The Year 2007

    January 8, 2008

This is the sort of thing that I thought we’d wrapped up last week.  No matter, though, as it’s still interesting, and "interesting" is, after all, what Yahoo’s Finds of the Year 2007 were required to be.

Another condition was that the sites be innovative, and a third was that they be British.  This last condition, though a bit limiting, seems fair enough since it’s actually Yahoo UK & Ireland behind the contest.Yahoo Announces Finds Of The Year 2007

We’ll move beyond the setup, then, and get to the Finds of the Year.  Most intriguing to me was the winner in the "social" category – a site called DoggySnaps.  Run by a charity that takes care of stray and abandoned dogs, DoggySnaps encourages the average canine owner to participate in forum discussions and share extremely cute pictures.  It’s fun stuff, with over 31,000 dogs online so far.

If we’re to pay attention to people, as well, though, going to FreeRice is a good idea.  Users are asked to play word games, and for every correct answer, rice is donated to the United Nations World Food Program.  The Nag takes a less direct approach by simply sending out reminders once a month to do something good.

Other Finds of the Year include Nigel’s Eco Store, Faces in Places, World Reviewer, MoveMe, and FriendsAbroad.  Brief descriptions of them are available from James Randerson (to whom I owe a hat tip), or you can, of course, visit the sites themselves.