Yahoo And NBC Benefit From Winter Olympics


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Yahoo Sports said today traffic to its site during the Winter Olympics has soared, beating out both and

According to comScore, Yahoo's Winter Games coverage attracted 9.3 million unique visitors, more than NBC's Olympics site (7.6 million unique visitors) and ESPN (8.4 million unique visitors). Yahoo Sports attracted over 17.5 million unique visitors over the week, more than double the visitors to its nearest competitors.


Meanwhile, on MSN has generated more than 177.4 million page views, 414 percent more than the nearest competitor, according to comScore. NBC says visitors to its Olympic site spent more time and viewed more pages than visitors to Yahoo's Olympic site.


On average, visitors to spent 8.2 minutes per visit, 64 percent more than the five minute average for Yahoo users; and visitors to on MSN averaged 27.5 pages per visit, more than seven times the 3.8 average pages per visitor for Yahoo.

While leads in pages views and time spent, and Yahoo Sports leads in unique visitors, there is little doubt that the Winter Olympics have been good for both properties.