Yahoo Adds Trip Planner To Travel Search

    October 26, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

With the leaves changing color, many feel the need to get out of the office and get on the road; Yahoo’s newest product lets users get their trips planned using its services.

Planning a trip gets a bit easier, thanks to the travel editors and search teams at Yahoo. The company unveiled its Trip Planner beta service online today, to help make planning that getaway a little easier.

Yahoo! travel editor Katherine Tom posted about the new product today:

What if, instead of having to do all your own research on “Paris hotels” and “wine tasting in France,” you could enter a single search and get a fully formed trip, courtesy of a fellow traveler, back? Even better, one that you could use to help plan your own trip-copying and changing it to fit your needs?

That’s the idea behind Trip Planner, now available in beta on Yahoo! Travel.

Trips planned by other Yahoo users can be found through the Trip Planner. Searchers can copy those trips and modify them to suit their needs for a vacation. Trip plans can include driving directions, hotels, attractions, notes, and tags.

Once created, those plans can be shared with others. Viewing existing plans, like those created as samples by Yahoo’s travel team, shows the portal company’s love of Ajax programming has been extended here.

Itineraries show a daily schedule as it is created. Clicking on the arrow icons next to a hotel or attraction in the itinerary displays a snippet of information. In the sample Orlando family trip, places to visit include driving directions from the hotel, or the last attraction visited prior to it for that day.

Searching can be done by tags as well as by location or attraction. As more trip plans get added by Yahoo users, and travel writers and chamber of commerce types would be well-advised to participate, the breadth of content will make those searches even more useful.

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