Yahoo Acquires Display Ad Specialist Dapper


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Dapper, a company that deals in both creating and optimizing display ad campaigns, is now the property of Yahoo, Inc.  Yahoo announced the acquisition this afternoon.

There are at least a couple reasons for Yahoo fans to be excited about this development.  One is Dapper's impressive list of clients and partners, which includes organizations like AdBrite, AOL, DoubleClick, Expedia, Kayak, Microsoft, and PubMatic.

Another reason is that Yahoo is also a current partner of Dapper's, so Yahoo execs are sure to know what they're getting into.

Of course, the potential downside there is that onlookers might not see any startling improvements.

Frank Weishaupt, VP of North America Ad Marketplaces at Yahoo, indicated in a statement, though, "Smart Ads will continue to be an important component of display advertising and the acquisition of Dapper will help Yahoo! to more efficiently deliver dynamic and personalized ads for customers across more of our network."

And if you'd like a fuller description of what Dapper does, an official release added that it's "a technology platform providing dynamic display ad creation and optimization.  Dapper enables advertisers and agencies to quickly and easily build dynamic ad creative, leveraging data to automatically show the right product, offer, or message with each impression."

Unfortunately, Yahoo and Dapper did not disclose the financial details of the acquisition.