XYZprinting To Launch $499 3D Printer In March


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In mid-December, Chinese manufacturer New Kinpo Group announced they would be bringing an affordable 3D printer to the North American market through its XYZprinting business. At CES this week, the company unveiled a few more details regarding its North American plans.

XYZprinting announced at CES this week that it still plans to launch the da Vinci 3D printer in North America this year for an affordable price of $499. The printer will be made available in the U.S, Europe and Japan at that time for $499.

“da Vinci is the ultimate 3D printer for consumers and entrepreneurs because it’s easier and safer to use than anything else out there,” said Simon Shen, the chairman of XYZprinting, Inc. “With da Vinci we are moving 3D printing to the mainstream market by satisfying a need in the consumer and SMB segment for a 3D printer that delivers on affordability and usability.”

The major advantage that XYZprinting has over its competitors is price, but it also touts a number of other features that may help it better compete with the established 3D printing companies in the U.S.:

  • Plug-and-play Printer: da Vinci is an out-of-the-box printer with no assembly or equipment adjustment required, making it a genuine plug-and-play personal 3D printer.
  • Large Build Size: da Vinci uses fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology and prints items at 7.8’’x7.8’’x7.8’’, which is 20 percent larger than what other 3D printers in its class can print.
  • Closed Printing Area: da Vinci’s all enclosed design protects users from the high temperatures required to print and ensures printing byproducts aren’t released outside the printing area.
  • Cloud Database: Features an open-source cloud database with thousands of free 3D models consumers can customize as desired.
  • User-Friendly Filament: With easy-to-install filament cartridges available in 12 colors, users can easily refill the printer or switch colors.
  • The da Vinci 3D printer will be available for purchase in March at both XYZprinting's Web site as well as online retailers like

    Image via XYZprinting