Xinhua Caught With Homer’s Brain

    August 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

In China, the piracy isn’t limited to software copiers and activation code crackers. An official news agency has no problem borrowing a little bit of copyrighted Simpson’s art for its purposes.

I don’t know what constitutes fair use in China, but whatever it is looks a little embarrassing to Xinhua right now.

Computerworld picked up on a Xinhua article, a legitimate piece on multiple sclerosis. They needed an image illustrating the human brain, and someone with either an astonishing sense of humor or a colossal deficiency in pop culture knowledge chose a picture of an x-ray of Homer Simpson.

The cartoon character and current movie star. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Xinhua article with its delightful Homer photo should they decide to take it offline.

Computerworld’s report accused Chinese media of routinely pilfering images, without attribution. Xinhua identifies the image as a ‘file photo’, which certainly backs that assertion.

On the topic of stealing Homer’s brain, we can just imagine what he’d say to the editor who did that: “Why you little…!”