Xbox To Ship This Year

    May 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

“This yearwe’re going to ship this next Xbox,” Mr. Gates said, and then someone kicked him under the table.

Speculation had been running high as to whether Microsoft was going to release the new Xbox this year or next year.

Mum was the word and Xbox team representatives had lips pulled as tight as a Reuben Studdard sweater.

But billionaire front men are entitled to the occasional snafu.

Gates made the statement during the annual convention of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers in Seattle and provided some more hints as to the upcoming features of the next generation Xbox.

The game console is said to be “more of a digital entertainment hub than its predecessor, making it more of a PC hybrid than ever.”

Gates said the console, codenamed Xenon, would include improved communication features to make muiltiplayer online gaming better.

Similar to Windows Media Center edition, Xenon will be familiar to those who know the media center menus and software.

“Video game players want to be able to chat with their buddies, know when others are present online, and will want to access their music and photos on their consoles in an interface already familiar to them,” Gates said.