Xbox Sale Day 2: Kinect, Board Games, and LEGO


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Yesterday, Xbox Live's "Ultimate Game Sale" got off to a big start with hit AAA sequels such as Assassin's Creed 3, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, and Max Payne 3 on sale for 63% to 75% off. Today the sale continues with several new titles taking the place of those games, though yesterday's momentum seems to have slowed a bit.

Today's sale titles are Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes, Hasbro Family Game Night 3, Monopoly Streets, Kinect Sports 2, and Rockstar Table Tennis. The LEGO games are each 50% off, with Lord of the Rings selling for $15. Lego Batman 2, Family Game Night 3, Monopoly Streets, and Kinect Sports 2 are $10 each. Rockstar Table Tennis, which was released over seven years ago, is 80% off at $3.

Though the LEGO games are every bit as good as most of the "blockbuster" titles that come out each year, it's clear that today's sale titles are a bit of a step down from Tuesdays. Still, Xbox 360 gamers shouldn't despair. According to the preview list Microsoft released last week, games such as Crysis 3, Gears of War: Judgment, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Tomb Raider, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, and BioShock Infinite will all be on sale later this week.