Xbox One Sans Disc Drive Coming In 2014 [Rumor]


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Despite costing $100 more than the PS4, the Xbox One has been doing pretty well for itself. Microsoft sold over 3 million consoles in 2013 and it doesn't look like demand is letting up anytime soon. That doesn't mean Microsoft has to stop looking for ways to reduce the price of the console though, and it might just have an idea for 2014.

According to a string of Xbox One leaks to hit NeoGAF last night, Microsoft is reportedly releasing an Xbox One that only costs $399 this year. While most would think Microsoft could get away with the $399 price tag by ditching Kinect, the rumor states that it will instead ditch the Blu-ray drive. Such a move would make the rumored new Xbox One the first game console to go completely digital since the PSP Go. Unlike the ill-fated handheld, broadband adoption is high enough that a console without a disc drive would actually have a chance at success.

Beyond the disc drive-less Xbox One rumor, the rumors also state that Microsoft will be releasing a white Xbox One this year. The company sells white Xbox Ones to its employees, but this would be the first time the white console would be available to consumers.

So, what about the games? The rumors say that Microsoft has a jam packed 2014 with titles like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon all launching this year. It was also leaked that Microsoft will be making a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition to coincide with the title's 10 year anniversary.

Finally, the rumors state that Microsoft will be launching the Xbox One in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe this April with the rest of the world, including China, getting the console in April.

Image via IGN