Xbox One Hits Store Shelves; Here Are Its Future Games


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Microsoft's new Xbox One console is officially on sale in North America. While ostensibly a dedicated video game device, Microsoft is positioning the Xbox One as a living room entertainment hub complete with TV overlay capabilities and voice-activated UI elements.

Like Sony did one week ago, Microsoft held a large midnight launch party in New York City. Where the Sony launch was full of game previews and game-related announcements, the Microsoft launch party was full of theatrics. Actors dressed as zombie from the game Dead Rising 3 could be found wandering the streets of New York last night, as could actors dressed as a Roman legion inspired by the game Ryse: Son of Rome.

Microsoft's launch party contained only one gaming-related announcement, which was actually an announcement of an announcement. Developers from Respawn's Xbox- and PC-exclusive Titanfall announced that something about that game will be revealed at the VGX video game awards show in December.

Other than that, the Xbox One's gaming news was consolidated into a three-minute preview video for games that have been confirmed for Microsoft's platform. In addition to a couple of seconds of new footage from Kingdom Hearts III and Quantum Break, the video also reveals that Metal Gear Solid V and The Division will be getting some sort of exclusive content for the Xbox One: