Xbox One 'Forza' Demos Available in Microsoft Stores


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With the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4 now one week away, it seems that Microsoft is taking the opportunity to take away some of the spotlight with a few late announcements for the Xbox One. Already today Microsoft announced the "first wave" of video streaming apps coming to the Xbox One and released a long, comprehensive video showcasing the console's user interface.

Now, Microsoft has announced that gamers in major U.S. and Canadian cities can get their hands on an Xbox One demo starting today. All Microsoft Stores across the U.S. and Canada now have an Xbox One demo kiosk featuring Forza Motorsport 5. There are currently more than 70 Microsoft Stores in the U.S.

Microsoft stated that the demos will be available for two weeks during store hours from today until the Xbox One's November 22 release date. Presumably, the demos would also be available after the launch of the console.

Sony announced back in October that PlayStation 4 demo kiosks will soon be showing up in retail stores. GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart stores should soon see PS4 demos across North America.

In addition to the demos, Microsoft is running a Forza-branded sweepstakes from its stores. Anyone who tries out the Xbox One in a Microsoft Store will be entered into the contest. The grand prize is a Forza-branded living room gaming set-up, including a playseat, sound bar, racing wheel, and $2,000 toward the purchase of a TV.

(Image courtesy Microsoft)