Xbox Media Center Too Hard For Most?

    November 27, 2005

Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research has an article about the Xbox 360’s Media Center capabilities, and declares that, "[m]ost consumers simply will either lack the technology or skills to make this thing connect properly".

He could very well be right. I’m told wireless 802.11b is not the way to go (better off plugging an ethernet cable from the box to your router), that firewall settings need to be just right, that Windows Media Connect needs to be running and that the specific Xbox 360 needs to be identified by the host computer, all of which means: Its not plug-and-play.

Still, I don’t think this is much of an issue. In my opinion, anyone who has done some serious configuring of their Media Center PC can hook up the Xbox 360 Media Extender. If you’ve already got a Media Center Extender, or using MSN Remote Record, or set up with 5.1 speakers, external sound processors or any of the myraid of things that take time to get just right, you can probably handle something that is very worth it. (via PaidContent)

Michael’s got a whole series of Xbox 360 articles, and they’re all worth reading:
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