Xbox May Come Home For Christmas

    May 4, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Bill Gates may not have meant to let it slip that the next-generation game console would ship in 2005, but he did.

Time for gamers everywhere to start making sure they’re on Santa’s “nice” list this Christmas.

Microsoft’s chairman announced at a conference of business writers and editors that the latest version of Xbox, called Xenon, will ship in 2005.

Mr. Gates had been speaking about high-definition (HD) televisions and receivers to the Society of American Business Writers and Editors when he casually asked if they knew what would drive HD this year.

The Chief Software Architect then said it would be the Xbox.

Microsoft intends for the new Xbox to be more than just a gaming platform. Its multimedia capabilities will make it similar to their Media Center software.

That would mean a household could manage games, music, movies, and TV programming through the console’s menus.

However, Microsoft has not officially confirmed any functionality beyond games for the Xbox yet. Mr. Gates announcement of a 2005 shipping date was the first time anyone from the Redmond-based technology giant had made a time frame public.

The world gets its first look at the Xbox later this month. A half-hour special on MTV airing May 12 has been planned.

Game fans are eager to finally learn more about the console, as Microsoft has remained completely mum about any of the Xbox’s specifications.

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