Xbox And Rock The Vote Partner To Reach Young Voters

    August 21, 2008

Microsoft and Rock the Vote have partnered to allow Xbox 360 owners to register to vote, take part in presidential polls and express their opinions to the presidential candidates via Xbox Live starting on August 25, the first day of the Democratic convention.

Rock the Vote & Xbox LIVE

Rock the Vote says the goal of the partnership with Microsoft is to reach voters under 30. Xbox Live is the largest online social network connected to the television, with 12 million members.

"Xbox is a natural partner to help us reach out to youth voters," said Heather Smith, executive director, Rock the Vote.

"To realize our goal of registering 2 million young Americans by this fall, we need to go where young Americans are, and there’s no doubt in our minds that many are on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live."

Xbox will have a presence at both the Democratic and Republican conventions, promoting the Rock the Vote partnership and reaching out to delegates about creating a safer entertainment experience on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live using parental controls.

"The Xbox Live community is active, vocal and passionate," said Marc Whitten, general manager of Xbox Live. Rock the Vote to make it easier than ever for youth voters — and our members — to register and be heard."