XBox 360 Owners Can Sign Up For Skyrim: Dawnguard Beta


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Skyrim players for XBox 360 can now sign up to play the beta version of Dawnguard, the first expansion to Skyrim.

All you have to do is go to the Dawngaurd website and register. Bethesda wll pick players for the beat in about a weeks time.

At that time they will be given an XBox Live code to download the expansion. The Beta version will be the full version and will include XBox live achievements.

It is unclear why they are choosing to launch the beta/game with XBox and not Playstation 3 or PC. I can sort of understand the the security reasons for PC, though. Skyrim is easily pirated right now, and Dawnguard could be on anxious gamers computers before they even release it.

Is it sad that 'Dawngaurd' being announced at E3 is the highlight of my week?
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[source: Bethesda Blog]