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    March 2, 2006

For years now, the Weather Underground has been my first choice for on-line weather.

It’s got a slightly 1998 ghetto web design, but it’s chock full of excellent data that more mainstream weather sites (like the popular Weather.com) hide from the unwashed masses. And, for a small annual subscription fee, you can disable all ads on the site.

I recently discovered Wunder Blog, the Weather Underground’s Weather Blog (specifically the West Coast Wunder Blog) and find myself wishing they’d post more often!

This is partly because I’ve always had more than a passing interest in how the weather “works” and partly because the more time I spend flying gliders and light airplanes, the more important it is that I understand what’s going on in the sky.

On the Wunder Blog, they don’t hesitate to give throw out an 850mb temperature and wind chart to illustrate their description of what’s likely to happen. It’s good training. I can read their analysis and then look at some of the data they used in forming it.

Good stuff.

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