828,000 Writing Experts Reveal How To Create An Automatic PushButton Killer Sales Letter!

    March 31, 2003

There are repeatable, easy to do and profitable actions experts master in sales letter writing which make them money day in day out.

Type on google for sales letter writing and 828,000 websites make some mention of it.

Ideally what you could do is go to all these sites and pick out the snippets that help you write a sales letter better. But it could take you a long, long time.

Instead, would you like the condensed version?

Amazingly one can argue that successful sales letter writing consist of this 4 part basic strategy which you should attempt to follow everytime.

1)Catch the attention of the reader. For example are you reading this article because of what I put in the headline?

2)Tell them about your product or service. After reading the headline and first sentence you should have known this article is about sales letter writing

3)Give proof. Are 828,000 websites proof enough?

4)Let the reader know how to learn more about you or your product. How about creating a resource box in order to give people information on how to contact you?

Now apply this 4-part strategy to every sales letter you write and watch your profits soar.

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