Write Articles For Free Advertising

    June 30, 2003

One of the easiest ways to get free massive advertising is to write articles to be submitted to newsletter content announce services. All you have to do is pick a subject that you know something about, write up an article, put a soft advertisement in your resource box, and send it out.

Eventually, a newsletter might pick up on one of your articles, run it, and give you exposure to hundreds or even thousands of potential prospects.

What? You don’t think you know how to write? You are wrong. Let me give you a few simple tips that will help you in writing your article.

– Pick a topic that you are already familiar with to some extent. Of course, it is best if the topic is related to what you are offering. But, it is not necessary. So, you are a member of Grandma’s Glorious Grits & Roadkill Recipes MLM, but all you know anything about is nuclear physics. You don’t think nuclear physicists eat?

– If you don’t think you know enough about the topic already, then get on the web and research it a little. There is more information on the web than you can shake a stick at.

– Once you got your information together, type it out in your own words. You do not have to be poetic, funny, or appear highly intelligent by using mile long words. Just tell your story in the same words you would use to tell the story to your friends. Every person has their own writing style. Discover yours, and embellish it.

– Read it over a few times and correct your wording.

– Break it down into short paragraphs of two or three short sentences.

– Remember that the average American reads on the 8th grade level, or thereabouts.

– Add your title, publishing guidelines, and resource box.

– Do a dadblame spell check. ( I keep forgetting to do this. Sorry folks, that ain’t a different language I am typing in, I just can’t spell carp… crpa… prac.. CRAP! )

– Submit it.

It is all very simple.

Before I give you a list of some places you can submit your article, let me give you one piece of advice….

Stagger your submissions!

Let me explain…

Your article will be delivered by e-mail to newsletter publishers. If a newsletter publisher subscribes to one content announce service, they will usually subscribe to several. So, it does you little good to go down the list and submit the same article to all of the content announce services on the same day. All you do is fill up the newsletter publisher’s mail box with several copies of the same article.

What I do to prevent this from happening is I keep a list of all the articles I write, along with the date I submit them to each content announce service. Each week I will submit one article to each service. This does two things for me.

First, the newsletter publishers who subscribe to multiple content announce services will have several different articles from me to chose from.

Secondly, the next time I submit (I usually do so weekly), the newsletter publishers who subscribe to multiple content announce services will have several articles to chose from that they might have been interested in last week but didn’t have room for in their newsletter, plus a few new ones to chose from.

In other words, if you are a newsletter publisher that subscribes to all of the content announce services that I submit to, you will see any one particular article from me roll through the individual content announce services for several weeks. This gives you plenty of opportunity to include my article in your newsletter.

Now, where to submit?

Here is a list of a few. Go to these sites and subscribe to each. Only after subscribing can you submit. Be sure and read what they are about and what kind of articles they will allow before you submit.







Before you submit, read a few of the articles that are published and pay close attention to their publishing guidelines and their resource box. You will want to format yours similarly.

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