WPN Quickies: Were All Connected

    November 23, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

This week, for your time-crunched perusal: a quick blogosphere round up that goes from cats to a stolen Xbox with eerie connectivity.

From Blogs To Dogs In 200 Collective Unconscious Words Or Less

The secret to blogging, according to Marc Hedlund, is throwing in a cat picture here and there, or something revealing (heh, not what you think I mean), to create an online persona that is memorable.

Google’s Matt Cutts, must have taken that sentiment to heart, posting about his dying cat on his SEO blog.

There’s something in the air this Thanksgiving week, as my father had to have a pet put down, too, adding Toby’s fate, who coulda been a contender, to what was the world’s ugliest dog (three time champ baby!), who was euthanized just short of his 15th birthday. If a dog could look smelly, Sam pulled it off.

Smell, it turns out, is one of the strongest links to memory (see cat paragraph), which maybe why our favorite potty-mouthed blogger, Jennifer Garrett (I forgive you for not covering my blog, Jen, I’m terrible at updating), points us to Eric Lim, who smells like noodles.

Smelling like noodles is better than smelling of “wet nerd,” like Erin Bradley warns, sharing pics of Xbox fanatics camping out in the rain. Hopefully they weren’t jacked for their console like this guy, who was sent a new one for his trouble.