WPN Quickies: Doodles, Feds, And Posers

    November 17, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

What do schoolgirl doodles, the IRS, and instant messaging have in common? Absolutely nothing. But we know you’re busy, and sometimes you just want to read something short and sweet and then get on with your day. Well, here you go.

London Girl Wins Google Doodle Contest

As part of the grand opening of Google’s new London headquarters, the search engine company allowed 25 London schools to declare open season on the Google logo.

Hundreds of entries later, “Doodle 4 Google” head doodler, Dennis Hwang, chose Google+doodle+competition/2100-1026_3-5956543.html?tag=alert” class=”bluelink”>11-year-old Lisa Wainaina’s creation, entitled “The Day of the Child.” Lisa’s doodle is viewable at Google’s UK website.

US Treasury: Help Us Save Our Money While Collecting Your Money

The US Treasury launched a national campaign this week, called Simplify, to encourage taxpayers to file online using the government’s Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

Don Hammond, the Treasury’s fiscal assistant secretary, said electronic payments cost 53 cents less to process than paper coupons and checks.

That’s like demanding a turkey dinner and then charging a roll for having to pick it up. How about we simplify taxes this way? Until then, let’s all make paper payments just to make them mad.

AIM Finds You Fake Friends

Users of America Online’s Instant Messenger have a couple of new buddies to add their list, courtesy of AOL. A pair of “chatbots” called MoviFone and ShoppingBuddy offer automated responses to queries about movie times and gift ideas.

ShoppingBuddy usually reads like this:

“Like omg. Teh Gap has this totally sweet new hoodie. Your b/f could be such a hoodie hottie! LOL. Omg. ROFL. Really, really, it hurts it’s so funny. Ow. I’m gonna pee. w00t. lylas! bbl”