“World’s Ugliest Dog” Contest Includes Online Voting

    June 20, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The title of “World’s Ugliest Dog” may not sound like one that would be hotly contested, but every year dozens of animals from all over the country descend upon the contest for a chance to win a big cash prize and, of course, notoriety.

The competition kicks off this Friday at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California, and organizer Vicki DeArmon says she never imagined it would become as big as it has over the years. The contest, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is expecting to see over 2,000 people to attend.

“It started as a homegrown kind of contest — very small and quirky,” DeArmon told TODAY.com. “But the whole thing has accelerated beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings.”

It seems odd to some that so many people actually want their dogs to win a contest that hands out such a dubious title, but DeArmon says the owners they see do just that.

“In a way, we all love an ugly dog, and we love the underdog,” she said. “When you go into a shelter and see a dog that may not normally be adopted, your heart calls to that dog. The contest is a humorous relief that makes the world a little lighter. These are some of the best dog owners in the world. Some of them take it very seriously. I think a few hearts have been broken when they haven’t been the winner.”

The contest features prizes like a basket of dog toys, pet services valued at $250 from Fit ‘N’ Furry, and $250 in prizes from Paradise Pet Resort which include grooming, training and day care gift certificates.

If you can’t make it out to Cali this weekend, you can go here to see all of the contestants and place your vote; however, online voting won’t determine the official winner. That is done by a panel of judges.



  • jenn

    The Chinese crested with the underbite is adorable!

  • http://Whitehouse Joey Moey

    The dog looks fine how about we put your picture up for a vote as the ugliest human. Potmark face!

  • Monique

    Yes adorablly ugly, come on people this is good entertainment.

  • http://yahoo Anne

    These doggies are just precious. No such thing as a ugly animal, the uglyness is in the eyes and mind of the beholder.

  • John

    Shave it’s arse and teach it to walk backwards.

  • Joe

    What about world’s worst articles?

  • Jack

    I dont know but I think Boston Terriers are definatel the UGLIEST damn dogs on the face of the planet, they look like they got hit in the face with a shovel.

    • http://yahoo Sam

      Their ugliness is what makes them so cute…..just sayin’

    • http://sharono sharon osbourne

      Boston terriers are one of the cutiest breeds ever. I have always wanted one ! omg.. cannot believe anyone could think that !

  • S

    There are no ugly dogs. They all have faces that only their human family could love.

  • Erock

    Be sure to grab that Dog’s Nuts and make him cough to make sure they are healthiest. And then you can sniff his ass.

  • http://yahoo Sam Fair

    There so called ugliness is what makes them so cute.

  • jizz

    Nancy Pelosi WINS! She WINS!

  • Marc

    Recipe for Human beings in order to feel superior.

    Take a beautifull and magnificent animal such as Wolf. Breed and Interbreed for generations until you have completely useless, frightened looking animal. Now … mock !

  • TeacherMan

    I bet each of them would gladly give up their lives for their owners. How many people can make that claim and really mean it?

    • bob

      well its kind of hard when i don’t have an owner

  • http://www.bowsbymaude.com maude

    I think they’re all adorable, particularly the chinese crested ones:)

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    • dafaeawf

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  • Joe

    the ugliest dog is living in the white house married to an un american muslim chicago politician thug.

    • Byron

      I think we’re talking primates with those folks.

    • K.O

      Ur stupid!

  • jojo

    That’s so messed up. Cutting off all the animals hair, giving them bad hygiene. Probably other things.. Might be teaching dogs how to behave poorly.. All for money. I fucking hate this world. Stupid people, everywhere.

    They’re just poor little animals why should they be judged for “ugliness” smh