World War 3: Are We Really Talking About This Again?

    March 17, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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The notion of a third World War was of real concern during the Cold War between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. Both sides had nuclear weapons, and acronyms like M.A.D. (mutually-assured destruction – the idea that if either side started, both sides would be wiped out) and an “arms race” kept tensions high but real actions at bay.

The World War 3 trope ran through out movies. The villains in films in America had Russian accents. The color red, bears, sickles, hammers, and big coats with furry hats were all anathema to Yanks until the late 1980’s when Sting convinced us that the Russians surely must love their children, too.

We watched Ronald Reagan shake hands with Mikhail Gorbachev, felt sure that we had SDI (a “strategic defense initiative”, commonly called “star wars”), and relaxed a bit. Turns out we didn’t have SDI at all. We bluffed, and the Soviets bought it. Then the big, red giant developed some money problems. America was left to stand alone as the only superpower that mattered.

Hell, we even went to Russia for the Olympics.

For a while after 9/11, the notion of a World War 3 sparked by rogue nations or groups that had obtained nukes (always from someone in Russia) got traction. We still see movies with that plot. Sometimes they have Korean accents now, too, though most Americans snicker at the idea of North Korea ever getting within spitting distance of an American flag, much less our homeland.

World War 3 has been firmly a Hollywood construct for some time. Until now.

Now the idea is in real news again The U.S. has “warned” Russia about its interference in the recent events in Ukraine. Russia has warned back. Russia fired a dummy nuke in a show of force. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on some Russian officials it sees as responsible for the upheaval in Ukraine.

The Inquisitr reports that former Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk stated:

“Does Russia not understand that this is the beginning of World War 3?”

And now Reuters reports that a news presenter with Russian state television has said:

“Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.”

Behind him was a green-screen backdrop of a nuclear mushroom cloud.

In America, there is a saying: Them’s fighting words.

Cooler heads tend to think that any kind of World War 3 scenario would end up badly for everyone involved. Maybe this is just big talk and headline-grabbing bluster.

But hearing it with a Russian accent after all these years sure makes some people’s eyebrows raise.

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  • Charles Riley

    Maybe it’s time for Americans to drop all our petty grievances and pull it together. United we stand, divided we fall. Standing sounds like a better way to go, than falling, to me.

  • dldldlldld

    this title is naive. it will forever be a real literal death threat for all

  • shizzon

    Has anyone thought of the fact that we rely way too much on electric technology?! Just imagine if, only if, our nation’s power grid were compromised! Where would “our world” be then. I mean, think about it for just a few seconds…Everything from our petty little “smart phones, tv’s, etc.”, to the very essence of what our nation relies on to make “our world” go ’round. –We would be devastated! We’d be better off not being so spoiled. Any thoughts??

  • shizzon

    Our infrastructure?–OMG! Our infrastructure needs expeditious attention. Honk if you agree…

  • shizzon

    America should be spending more attention to fortifying our nation than undermining ourselves by “politicing” with others. The greatest nations that ever existed kept their wealth at home. As well as their strengths.

  • shizzon

    We are merely but a twinkle in our fathers’ eye (yes I mean plural) yet, we have been born into the world and have come out with pompous attitudes! No wonder. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as much a patriot as any other American. But we need to wake up and quit sniffing our own butts, but, at the same time we need to save our own butts. Remember,neighbors are great until you meddle in business they didn’t invite you in to.

  • xionxxxx

    I’m ready for the Draft! When do I sign up?

    • brittany

      and what would you be fighting for? OUR GOVERNMENT??? smh……man…..get your shit together

  • weelittlepeople

    How about we send the politicians and those in Gvt to fight each other – leave the people out of if – then we can ship the winners off to Mars….

    • Overcast451

      Yep, well said.

      THIS is why the world needs new leaders. The “leaders” in control now, pretty much focus on war and death to feed their greed and pride.

      • brittany


  • Awshoot

    I’m not going standby with a worried look on my face because War3 could happen! 99% of the news is generated for idiot absorption to mask what’s really going on. If we did get into a war of some great magnitude it might be good. I say that because when the whole country is relying on such nutty info and social non-sense from the web hang-outs, then we do need a cleansing! We should be building our own country back again. Why should we care about those individuals that don’t care about us? Tens of thousands of people in this country with dual citizenships is nuts. I could go on but what’s the use?

  • Karen Rea

    I’m 62 years old. I’ve been through this before. Unfortunately, the only safe place in the U.S., my second grade cloak room, has been razed. My Dad was a civilian employee at the McCord AFB with the one of the highest security clearances there was. I personally wasn’t concerned with atomic warfare. But, my Dad got both my brother and me real dog tags with our blood types. (tooth tag and all). I asked him if we got a confirmed attack what we would do if we were all together, with no way in to get in to my cloak room. He said, “We’ll all get in the car and drive as fast as I can to McCord, or Fort Lewis. That way we can all die together.” I thought it was a good idea then, I think it’s a good idea still. If there ever is an all-out atomic war, there is little hope of surviving the blasts and no hope of survival past one or two years. It’s better we gather with our loved ones and be most kind to everyone we see, and meet our fate without much fear of pain and no fear of death. We all gotta go sometime.

    • brittany

      I don’t think we should set back and WAIT for defeat…..We need to assembly a mass PEACEFUL PROTEST and continue to march and not back down and return to our everyday lives………..keep going………until something changes reach out to other countries somehow and let them know that the PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY is not anything like our greedy selfish government and BEG FOR HELP! and pray someone might see how desperate we are for a LIBERATION FROM OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!!!!! SOONER THAN WE KNOW…..WE WILL NO LONGER BE FREE……….are we going to sit back and continue to have our rights stole from us day after day?

  • David Conner

    Matthew 24:6-7

    • Really?

      Oh great. The religious nuts come out to spew their “prophecies.” Some of us don’t want Armageddon to happen. God is dead.

      • David Conner

        You have no idea if I’m religious or not. If you read the verse it tells you plain and simple The end is not upon us. Its comforting reading to many. You’re the jerk who is obviously scared to death of things out of you’re control. You have to be pretty dam evil to take a persons comfort away.

      • brittany

        im definitely not a religious nut by any means just a normal 23 yr old woman who works paycheck to paycheck… I believe everything happens for a reason….I don’t know who god is per say. However, I know there is a higher power…and I must say I do not write comments on the internet much but this comment disturbs me david conner wrote a simple verse from the bible and this is how you react? it saddens me actually……open your eyes your mind and your heart quit thinking in such a derogatory manner to those who have faith in something. One day I hope youll find faith too you may find yourself in a much happier state than so angry and hateful it seems.

  • A. Hole

    WELL, I guess that blows ANY chance to see Earth join the United
    Federation, during my lifetime! What a shame, some of the Board Members
    were discussing bringing this up at a meeting, depending, of course who won
    the next Presidential Election. I can’t blame them though, with the
    Human Race acting like this!!