World Reacts To Microsoft-Yahoo Surprise

First step: picking jaw off floor

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Generally speaking, stories about Yahoo don’t have many exclamation marks – we’ve learned to drop ’em from the company’s name.  Exclamation marks are appearing all over the place, however, following the exciting news of Microsoft’s acquisition offer.

Barry Schwartz tossed out a brief "wow!" at around 7:45 this morning.  The kicker, though, is that he did so while on a trip to Israel – while a lot of other things speak to the importance of the development (including the $44.6 billion price tag, of course), so does that.  Duncan Riley, meanwhile, began his article on the subject with an all-caps version of the same three-letter word.World Reacts To Microsoft-Yahoo Surprise

Meanwhile, when we move beyond the initial shock, there are some other interesting issues to consider.  Larry Dignan asks, "Can Microsoft manage it all?  Some key questions to ponder: Would Zimbra become the future Office Live?  How about rationalizing products, ad systems and search algorithms.  What about ad markets?  Cloud computing projects?  The overlap is immense."

Of course, if we’re to return to the matter of exclamation marks, there’s also the simple question of what the combined corporations would be called.  Thomas Ricker created a poll in which "Microsoft" is the current leader (the reasoning being that the dominant company has no need to acknowledge Yahoo).  The runner-up choice is a prediction that the Feds won’t approve an acquisition.  But in third place is the relatively believable option of "Microsoft!"

Finally, if you haven’t noticed by now, what’s missing from among all these comments is an official statement from Yahoo.  (The "we got an offer and will think about it" bit doesn’t really count.)  But should the company say something interesting, you can depend on reading about it here.

World Reacts To Microsoft-Yahoo Surprise
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  • Paz

    This is hardly new is it? There are these stories every 2 years without fail. Im sure it has something to do with share price rigging or something (okay im not sure but wouldnt suprise me)

    Wouldnt be good news for the consumer if a bid like that did go through, its already a small playing field with the big 3, making it 2 is even more on the way to world domination.

    Must be those federal monsters behind this if it is a serious bid. Everything else in the states is run by them, tv, newspapers, propoganda, only a matter of time b4 they want the entire internet too.


  • Matt

    Offering a huge amount of money when Yahoo! is struggling like it is… it’s going to be hard for Yahoo!, the SEC, anybody to say no to this when it’s obviously in the best interests of the shareholders. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

    This could turn out to be a serious competitor to Google. Really serious, and at a time when you can actually envision an eventual end to their Total Market Dominance even without this happening. MS has made a few big investments lately, and the pieces are starting to fit together now. Their new product is strong on demographic marketing, the Facebook deal gives them a leg up in market demographics, and Yahoo! would extend the reach they could apply those demographics to. With the combined resources of MS and Yahoo!, a 40% Google, 40% MS/Yahoo!, 20% everyone else market is not out of the question.

    I have no doubt that MS can manage everything they would wind up with. Mistakes will be made, but if anyone can handle it they can. I’ve worked with these guys, and they are very, very good when allowed to do their jobs. And I think they will be allowed to do them this time, because too much is at stake.

    Google has spent years going after the end users, and they are almost untouchable there right now. Going after the back-end ad buyers is the smart move, and that’s what MS is doing.

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