Wonder What Percentage of Tweets are Retweets?

    June 10, 2009
    Chris Crum

HubSpot is the latest organization to release a study on Twitter usage, and shockingly manages to give us some insight that we have not really seen yet this week.

HubSpot, who created Twitter Grader reveals some interesting stats they found dealing with "activity" levels of many Twitter accounts. Such stats include:

– 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL

– 75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile

– 68.68% have not specified a location

–  55.50% are not following anyone

– 54.88% have never tweeted

–  52.71% have no followers

These are pretty much the exact things people say are crucial to the optimization of a Twitter profile. Of course, there are clearly many, many people who simply do not care about this sort of thing, but if you’re a business and using Twitter for professional use, these are not things to be overlooked.

As Twitter has grown, the percentage of people meeting the above criteria (bio especially) has dropped significantly. HubSpot says the last time they released this report, 80% of users had specified bios. Now the number is 24.14%.

But enough about those people who don’t care. Here some of HubSpot’s findings for active users:

– The average users tweets .97 times per day

– The average user has tweeted 119.34 times in total

– The average user has a following-to-follower ratio of .7738

The following graph looks at that ratio. The spike at 2,000 is a result of Twitter’s follower limit, which is 2,000 until you have that many followers yourself. Twitter has this policy in place to combat spam.

Following Count Distribution

More Fun Facts

– London, LA, and Chicago are the top 3 Twitter locations respectively

– 1.44% of all tweets are retweets

– 37.95% of all tweets contain an @ symbol

– 33.44% of all tweeets start with an @ sybmol

No stats for hashtags are provided, but I would wager that that number is on the rise. I know I have been seeing them used a lot more commonly recently.

How percentage of you tweets (give or take) would you say are retweets? Replies/mentions? Tell us.