Women Slow To Embrace Online Video

    April 2, 2007

Who watches the most online video? Though women out number men by 6 million online men still consume more Web video content than women, according to a report from eMarketer.

"While 78% of males watch video online, only 66% of females do," says Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer senior analyst and the author of the new Women Online: Taking a New Look report. "They are less likely than males to visit most video destination sites – even the biggie, YouTube."

The study noted that while men watch more online video, women watch more TV.

The most popular type of online video content for both men and women are news clips according to a study by InsightExpress for Advertising.com. News clips were favored by men 52.3 percent of the time compared to women who watched news clips 48.9 percent of the time.

In other online video categories the preferences in content between what men and women watch is more noticeable. Forty-four percent of men favored user generated videos while 38 percent of women were inclined towards music videos.

Women were also found to watch more movie previews (47.8%) online than men (35.8%). Men were more likely to watch TV shows online (32.1%) compared to women (19.6%)

For female visitors to the site BabyCenter.com 61 percent preferred watching video related to entertainment. News clips were preferred by 56 percent of female visitors followed by 49 percent who watched user-generated content.

Attracting women to online video will be important for marketers who are looking to reach family decision makers.

"Getting the female audience engaged is crucial for the success of online video, and over the next few years, marketers and online video content providers will need to figure out exactly how to get that job done," says Ms. Williamson. "They have no choice. They have to."