Woman Kills a Lion and Posts a Photo to Facebook

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Melissa Bachman, a TV presenter based out of Minnesota, found herself facing a great deal of backlash after posting a photo of one of her most recent hunts to Facebook. Bachman enjoys hunting large game and posted a photo of herself with a lion she had just shot and killed in South Africa (above). Now, not only is she catching a lot flak on most social networking websites, a petition has been started to ban her from South Africa.

Bachman has been hunting since she was a kid. According to her website, Bachman has been working for North American Hunter for the past few years, a company she films her hunts from around the world for. Check out a video she uploaded of a bear she hunted below.

After Bachman posted the photo of the lion she killed in South Africa on Facebook, people were outraged. She has been called “barbaric” and “pathetic,” among other things, on Facebook and Twitter.

While Bachman has been the subject of controversy in the past for killing animals as trophies, it appears this is the first time anyone has tried to bar her from entering another country. Elan Burman from Cape Town, South Africa started a petition on Change.org to deny her further entrance into the country:

Melissa Bachman has made a career out of hunting wildlife, for pure sport. Her antics are captured extensively on her personal website: http://www.melissabachman.com/. She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on. Her latest Facebook post features her with a lion she has just executed and murdered in our country.

So far, the petition has almost 30,000 signatures. Bachman hasn’t responded to petition or the nasty comments yet, but she has deactivated her personal Twitter account. Do you have a problem with the animals Bachman hunts? Add your comments below.

Judging from Bachman’s Facebook page, it appears she has been quite busy hunting over the past few weeks. Check out some of her other kills:

[Image via Facebook]

Woman Kills a Lion and Posts a Photo to Facebook
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  • Ieat Whatikill

    Ms. Bachman,

    Please help me understand what you stand to gain or get out of putting a bullet into a large cat? Now there’s one less lion in Africa thanks to you. The outward appearance of your page infers you just shoot the animals for the fun of it “sport”. I can buy a gun at KMART and kill an animal too.
    How many of your kills do you eat? Are you going to eat that lion or did you end this male’s life for a profile update? Of all the things to kill in this world you chose to kill a lion. I’d like you to “woman up” and post the honest truth for the public to see what became of the carcass. It would be one thing to kill it with a spear as it was about to attack and jump on you, but a gun without reason? Or do you have one you can share with the FB community? Until then, It will be my obligation to change the public’s perception of you for changing the life of a lion. I’d like to see this message with a reply on your page. I’m hoping you have a heart. If not, be a roughneck but admit to being one. -TH

  • blackcat

    why would you want to kill beautiful animals. people work hard to protect animals but she just ignores our efforts to save animals for future genourations

  • Doug

    Killing animals simply for sport so you can stand beside them, flash an idiotic grin and have someone take your picture is beyond barbaric in this day and age. Hopefully the next big cat you come across returns the favour. Gun-toting bimbo.

  • Mad

    This woman need to be lock up !! These animals have done nothing to you’!! How are you killing them and take pictures and complements how beautiful they are???? You need to be lock up!!!
    What’s wrong with these ppl who actually enjoy hunting these innocent animals???!!

    • david julander

      nothing is wrong with people who hunt these animals (provided they do eat what they take) those like you out there who have a burger or fish or any other meat at a restaurant seem to feel your better than us because you pay someone to kill your animals for you your just ignorant

  • Rebekah

    Wow, unbelievable. She shouldn’t just be banned from South Africa, she should be banned from life killing such beautiful creatures.

  • http://Webpronews Emma

    Well as for killing poor defenceless animals that are rapidly becoming extinct this woman and I use that term very loosely serves to be eaten but one of the gorgeous animals she hunts what a lovely place the world would be without trash like her killing our animals , obviously you have major issues and lead a very sad existence and have nothing in your life to focus on , I really hope that if a someone doesn’t kill you that you get your comeuppance but being eaten by one those lovely animals

    • david julander

      and you eat a burger don’t you. who killed it? think before you speak you people are beyond stupid

  • Jony Plano

    Growing up in South Africa we saw these rich foreigners coming to the country to kill large animals. It was always sickening and the people who set up these ranches do it for the money. Local wages are low and you can make a quick $10k US so why not is how they think. Mature males like this are destroyed quickly with one high powered bullet. There is no sport. Behind this grinning fool of a woman is a hunter or two to back her up.

  • Jony Plano

    The other big issue killing a beautiful male like this is pride chaos. The paying hunters demand (like this woman) a full mane on their trophy and that leads to all mature males being killed. The younger males don’t know how to deal with the chaos and the pride can break down. In Zimbabwe so many mature males have died at the hands of tourist hunters, all there are left are young males, who as soon as they mature are killed.

  • Varta


  • Chotto

    I will never understand the killing of animals for trophies. Melissa Bachman is disgusting! Contrast Bachman with the work of :

  • wayne

    U r a gutless human do it with a knife maybe it would b fair game for the lion to have a fighting chance.hopefully u can feel wat it feels like to b slaughtered.tose animals are majestic not pkay things for mindless egotistical sychopathes with no moral compass

  • wayne

    U r a gutless human do it with a knife maybe it would b fair game for the lion to have a fighting chance.hopefully u can feel wat it feels like to b slaughtered.those animals are majestic not play things for mindless egotistical sychopathes with no moral compass

  • Jegsimmons

    hmmm….. lets see….getting licenses to legally hunt and kill lions in parts where they are over populated and destructive, feasting upon elk, deer, ect. and trimming the black bear population which is alot bigger and more destructive than one thinks…uses a fine looking rifle and makes leftist mad.

    This is pure 100% grade A wife material.

    I love how people commenting here are actually really ignorant of population habits and hunting in general.

    • John Burch

      I agree, it’s time people got real about what really goes on over their. Her and that lion help save thousands of peoples lives over their. It’s funny how people make something bad out of something so good.

    • david julander

      i appreciate seeing your post on here and i agree with how ignorant these people are

  • Rob Villetto

    She is an Asshole!

    • david julander

      and your a dumb shit

  • Paul

    There is something obviously mentally defective about this sad pathetic excuse for a woman. Her TV shows should be banned and the countries she hunts in should refuse her entry.
    I feel only pity and loathing for a horrible b*t*h like this!

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