Woman Kills a Lion and Posts a Photo to Facebook

By: Erika Watts - November 16, 2013

Melissa Bachman, a TV presenter based out of Minnesota, found herself facing a great deal of backlash after posting a photo of one of her most recent hunts to Facebook. Bachman enjoys hunting large game and posted a photo of herself with a lion she had just shot and killed in South Africa (above). Now, not only is she catching a lot flak on most social networking websites, a petition has been started to ban her from South Africa.

Bachman has been hunting since she was a kid. According to her website, Bachman has been working for North American Hunter for the past few years, a company she films her hunts from around the world for. Check out a video she uploaded of a bear she hunted below.

After Bachman posted the photo of the lion she killed in South Africa on Facebook, people were outraged. She has been called “barbaric” and “pathetic,” among other things, on Facebook and Twitter.

While Bachman has been the subject of controversy in the past for killing animals as trophies, it appears this is the first time anyone has tried to bar her from entering another country. Elan Burman from Cape Town, South Africa started a petition on Change.org to deny her further entrance into the country:

Melissa Bachman has made a career out of hunting wildlife, for pure sport. Her antics are captured extensively on her personal website: http://www.melissabachman.com/. She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on. Her latest Facebook post features her with a lion she has just executed and murdered in our country.

So far, the petition has almost 30,000 signatures. Bachman hasn’t responded to petition or the nasty comments yet, but she has deactivated her personal Twitter account. Do you have a problem with the animals Bachman hunts? Add your comments below.

Judging from Bachman’s Facebook page, it appears she has been quite busy hunting over the past few weeks. Check out some of her other kills:

[Image via Facebook]
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  • pinnalce1@gmx.com

    You don’t eat a lion you Moron..you are destroying sportsmen everywhere with your ignorance.
    Killing a Brown bear and a Lion?? You are Heartless idiot.

    • ronda

      Melissa the Poacher is one sick person, obviously she has deep issues going on. What is she so proud of….people kill everyday using a guns????!!!! Does she know lions are going to be extinct.
      This poacher needs to be stop!!!!

      • B

        I agree with ronda and pinnacle1….how ignorant and heartless indeed this “Melissa the Poacher” is. She needs to be chased and shot with whatever means of weapon they use. Have you all seen the other photos of animals being poached…like giraffe, monkey’s a leopard? Melissa and her friends are in some of the photos!
        South Africa needs to stop this barbaric slaughter!

      • Bernie

        Lions aren’t going extinct you idiot.

        They’re “vulnerable” status which is a label applied to any creature that is in poaching demand regardless of it’s population.

        The lion population has actually been increasing in recent years, and the biggest source of income for conservation efforts and anti-poaching efforts comes from the revenue of legal lion hunting.

        A lion permit costs as much as a new car. They kill only the older lions that are competing with would-be alpha lions and as a result promote successful lion pregnancies.

        Ending this program, the legal lion hunting, would almost ensure their future endangered status because you liberal crybabies certainly aren’t sending enough money to their funds. You people care enough though to establish your moral supremacy on online commend how you want to murder Melissa. But that doesn’t save lions.

    • http://Nonyo.com Guy

      Every butthurt crybabby posting about how she is evil is delusional, naive, ignorant of economics, ignorant of land use ethics, ignorant of the socio-political situation in South and East Africa, and in denial of the reality of the animal conservation situation in South and East Africa.

      • Mike

        \There are 16,500 and 47,000 (02-04) lion’s left in the world.. that’s it.. that’s less than 1/2 of what there where in the 90’s. and less than 1/10th of what was around in the 50’s. go ahead and do the math. Sport hunting is all well and fine, if you’re going to eat what you kill, and you don’t hunt an exotic animal. Humans are the only species that hunt for sport. I hunt, every year, i bag some deer, some turkey. Rabbit, duck, and other things, but it’s never a sport.

        I’m well aware of the W.Act in S.Africa, that hasn’t saved other some other Exotic animals. It’s not effective enough. Poacher’s should be shot on sight in the act, or in possession of illegal items.

  • Bruno Marconi

    Beautiful woman- beautiful trophies! Stand tall and proud, Melissa! You bought your license, and punched your tag: Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You really do make me smile! Marc

    • Mike Walker

      Bruno Marconi, you are grovelling to this woman because you are attracted to her. She doesn’t have any empathy and kills needlessly, whats attractive about that ??

    • http://facebook malcolmhorley

      you wanker lets. throw the bitch to the lions and see her scream!!!!

    • Ofyha69@hotmail.com

      You first class wanker

      • http://facebook michelle king

        a male lion needs to kill her like a lion kills a zebra.

    • Gareth

      You scum, hope you all die horrible deaths!!!! Can’t believe this is allowed, innocent animals and your countries allow this!!!!!!!!!!

    • mariathelion9

      You are an idiot pig!

    • Charles

      Your an idoit this is not hunting if your not going to eat it you should not kill it. Oh you bought a tag for an animal in a country poor as shit wow. How about lets get out there and shoot at each other where the playing field is level…

    • B

      Bruno…….you are an ass!

    • Michael Brown

      Yup…buying a license from a corrupt government for the sole purpose of cutting down a member of an endangered species in it’s prime is something to be proud of…

      When and how did you become such an insufferable imbecile?

    • sophia

      We all are held accountable for the decisions and choices we make. This is not about “hunting” or trophies. Some people are raised hunting and look at it differently than people who are not. Not to judge or criticize-to each their own-it’s so difficult to see such a beautiful animal killed. I was sad to see her smiling and proud of taking another life.

  • Bruno Marconi

    Beautiful woman-beautiful trophy! Good job, Melissa! (Kind of thought all the liberals would jump at the chance to promote a woman in a “man’s” sport!!!) I’ve seen your videos: you are a master huntress-I hope you enjoy all that you’ve accomplished! Marc

    • Charles

      A mans sport LOL… There is nothing sporting about shooting a Lion or Bear from 250 yards away. Now take a bowe knife and take the bear or lion on… Oh I forgot you guys don’t have the guts to do that!!!

      • http://facebook michelle king

        She needs to put the rifle and blow her own head off instead of a lion.

    • Liane

      You’re an imbecile.

      • Liane

        The imbecile part went to Bruno btw. I think we all know that already.

  • Bruno Marconi

    Good job Melissa!

    • mariathelion9

      Marc you are an idiot pig.

  • Bruno Marconi

    Strange how only the anti-hunting comments get posted to this web site…Hmmm…

    • Joao

      REALLY?? I see plenty of unconscious people commenting!

  • Scott

    This ugly chick needs to focus on her looks and stop killing beautiful creatures. She needs to seek psychiatric, like the rest of her followers.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    If it is legal to hunt in that country then everyone should backoff. Grow some ball’s people, if she didn’t hunt these animals, the natives will do it anyway. Are you going to do all this backlash for those natives?

    OMG, american’s kill animals in USA and eat them. Let’s ban all meat eaters in USA and ship them to some foreign country.

    After this message, I am going to kill a squirrel and gift wrap it.

    • Joao

      It is VERY SAD that people STILL KILL animals for joy and entertainment. Just because we have always been KILLING doesn’t it mean it is OK. It’s called EVOLUTION!! If animals kill people it is HORRIBLE and people go after them in revenge. But if is the people that kill animals, is heroic and take pictures! What is so heroic when you are the one with the gun???? It is PURE COWARDICE!

    • Charles Graham

      We hunt for food dumb ass!! There is a differance, not to mention the Lion she killed if he had offspring the male taking over the pride will kill them so the ugly bitch didn’t just kill one she killed a whole family!!!

      • Michael Brown

        Hunting for food when you don’t need to seems to be something a dumbass would do….you dumbass…

        Oh, and in case your dumbass obviously could not figure it out…there is a very clear difference between hunting for sustenance and killing an Alpha member of an endangered species for trophy hunting. You moron.

      • Bernie

        I love these people pretending they understand Lions.

        They hunt only older male lions, only older male lions who have potential alpha status are allowed to be hunted.

        They’re at a point where their sperm is less effective, but they still retain “rights” over the females of the pride because they can win fights against males. Killing them actually ensures the younger male lions get a better chance at the female lions which ensures more preganancies.

        Also, there’s no such thing as a lion “family”, the species does not have conventional family structure. Cubs are raised almost entirely by the female. Male lions are there only to retain ownership of multiple females and fight for ownership of multiple females.

        • coombs

          That is so not true. They are called "prides". The females raise the young, along with the males. The female hunt the food and the males protect the females against raids from competing prides. Once the alpha males in a pride have been killed or banished by stronger younger alpha males, all cubs in the pride are killed by the new alpha males. This causes the female to go into heat, thus allowing the new alphas to mate.

    • B

      I guess Derek is like Marco at being an ass!

      • B

        I actually meant MARCO and Derek are both asses!!!!!

        • B

          O.M.G. I can’t believe I named him wrong again…I meant to say BRUNO MARCONI….and Deric….both asses!!
          Yep, that’s it…..both asses!!!!!

    • blablas

      You fucking morron, what is that for comment ‘ if she didn’t hunt these animals, the natives will do it anyway’…all i hope is that you ppl end up with a cancer so bad that isnt cure able .. fuck yall ..leave them animals alone !

    • http://facebook michelle king

      Ha ha she is but ugly. She is a cunt who killed a magnificent lion. This woman is a waste of a human being.

  • Lee

    Seeing that dead lion broke my heart. Animals do not deserve to die for the sake of sport. I understand she is probably proud to be a female hunter and feels accomplished in that aspect. But man or woman I don’t think anyone should kill animals. Your killing a living breathing being with a soul and spirit. Everyone has their opinion and that is fine…that is how is should be. This is just my opinion.

  • Joao

    It is VERY SAD that people STILL KILL animals for joy and entertainment. Just because we have always been KILLING doesn’t it mean it is OK. It’s called EVOLUTION!! If animals kill people it is HORRIBLE and people go after them in revenge. But if is the people that kill animals, is heroic and take pictures! What is so heroic when she is the one with the gun???? It is PURE COWARDICE!

  • Delbert

    It’s not just the dead animals that define these pictures, it’s also that identical fake smile she’s wearing as she lords over the animal kingdom.

    I’ve given up hunting any game other than feral hogs. They’re more challenging than whitetails or any birds, and they make great sausage.

    Delbert in Texas

  • Marie

    I don’t personally agree with hunting for sport. That being said, legitimate hunting through valid licences etc is an important source of revenue for wildlife conservations.

  • Ray Kemp

    One sick bitch.
    Hunt animals for food not pleasure.
    If she thinks its clever to blast magnificent creatures that stand no chance for fun she should be incarcerated in a psych wing.

    • Charles

      I totally agree.

  • will howells

    When will she get to he stage that animals are no longer a challenge and she wants to progress to humans?

  • mike

    I don’t know much about the rules for big game hunting , but anyone who shoots animals for sport , needs to be hunted & shot their selves.
    yes it might have been ok 100 yrs ago , but that was long before certain animals ended up on the endangered list …


  • jacquie

    I hope when the Grim Reaper comes for you, that he makes you suffer real bad for what you have done to those animals. I’m not against hunting if it’s for survival, but just for a sport is absolutely disgusting, I’m a great believer in KARMA & hopefully it will get you.

  • http://bellsouth carolyn Joseph

    This woman is obviously very deranged. She needs to be tarred and feathered.

  • Wgrubb

    This woman is an American monster in our midst—-we should all run for cover!

  • Reality

    Take away the gun and let’s see who wins. The animal or the human. Hunters think they are doing something amazing and macho even though everything is stacked in their favor. The only acceptable hunting is when you need the food to eat. I know many hunters who do this and that is perfectly fine. Those types of hunters are actually very respectful about the whole thing.

    It is kind of like the cop syndrome in this country. Cops think they are all tough guys because they have a badge, a gang of buddies to support them, and if a person fights back, they go to prison. Take away the badge, even the numbers, and take away the threat of prison — let’s see what happens when cops try to abuse you or intimidate you. They turn into sniveling cowards.

    Our military thinks they are badasses when they fight against people with simple weapons when we have advanced fighters and drones. It is kind of like that Army recruiting commercial. There is a terrorist in a beat up pickup truck with a simple gun mounted on the back. Then comes an advanced fighter and drones out of the sky to destroy the terrorist. Then the commercial views the drone pilot as a hero. No — he is a coward sitting behind a joy stick thousands of miles away in an air conditioned bunker. Brave — hardly. Just has the odds in his favor.

    Everyone is a badass in America when things are in their favor. You want to see a badass? See a person who wins when things are equal or even better yet, when things are stacked against them.

    • RJF

      Take away your computer and see how you complain. Take away your car, and see how you get to work. Take away your clothes, and see how long until you die of hypothermia.

      Mankind uses tools and technologies overcome the environment, and if you want her to take on a lion unarmed, I’m sure a brave guy like yourself will go without medicine next time you’re ill.

  • Ben Robínson

    If a lion attacks her and she kills it with her bare hands Sampson style then I will be impressed but never in a million years the way the bitch did it as that is just the way we nearly lost all our buffalo many years ago when other jack asses shot them from a train for pure sport and let them rot whilst the indians and their babes suffered. You need the meat I can see it but not the cowardly b.s. way most kill animals these days then the jack asses try to say hey if I do not do it some one else will. Cut the crap.

  • http://webprowler blkcat50


  • TK

    Everyone is a tough guy hiding behind a high powered rifle. It is like the person said above. American’s are tough guys when everything is stacked in their favor. One on one. Not so much. Hell, most are fat and stupid.

  • julie

    such scum people killing animals for what purpose,her own ego and fun, she should be ban from every country that she has killed animals from. just shocking,

  • aubrey smith

    The truth is is that karma will come around I hope reicarnation is real just so that she can come back as “big game” and see how horrible it is to be on the other end of the barrel.

  • animal lover

    This woman is a piece of crap. She claims to be an animal lover? My ass. She needs to be hunted down herself. Please boycott her show!!!!

  • http://aol teresa

    someone hang this woman from a tree-she is disgusting -these animals are beautiful and should not be killed ! what a dirtbag!

  • marlin farmer

    An animal lover YOU ARE NOT and animal promater YOU ARE NOT and animal enthusist YOU ARE NOT BUT…..
    YOU ARE A __________ JERK and hunt for NO PURPOSE other than your own a true modern hunter fantisties where the animal stands no chance. I.d love to see the animal armed as well as you…also with the SNEEK attack.
    You are nothing and prove nothing..anyone can kill anything or anyone the way you go about it.
    Your a sick seeker of attention

    • http://facebook michelle king

      She is a slut with a rifle who dont mean shit

  • Sandra

    Disgusting picture. Makes me ashamed you are a woman; you should have more compassion and (mainly) brains!
    Very dumb action and picture! No respect for life….

  • kathy

    Obviously this woman takes great pleasure in hunting, like many men. I guess she could come in useful if factory farms and grocery stores ever go out of existence. She probably learned at a very young age that humans hold dominion over the earth and all its creatures. I wonder if she’s this happy all the time, such as when she’s washing dishes and vacuuming the carpet, or just when she’s performing for the camera. I don’t know. I just get this vibe of them-versus-us when I see these pics.

    • Mark

      I hope you soon die a horrible death.

      • http://facebook michelle king

        She is a hoe and a lion needs to attack her like they take down prey by the windpipe and bite in the neck and do that to her.

  • Sbryr

    Just disgusting …how is this legal? She makes me sick and sad. How f&&&&ng dare you claim to be an animal lover…and the audacity for you to boast your pics …what are you gaining from shooting these innocent creatures of the wild?? Publicity?? People like you make me cringe with disgust … These photos are so disturbing .. I’m almost in disbelief … I Belleve there is a special spot waiting for monsters like this… And lastly how in the world did this woman have a television show about this??!!!

  • kathy

    Well have you watched her bear video yet? From the way she was shaking so bad it’s probably a good thing there were no other hunters near her at the time.

  • barb

    The lion that she killed was apparently one at an animal preserve where wild animals are kept and partially trained just so some a…hole like her can come in and blow it away and call himself/herself the Great White Hunter!
    Even many hunters find these game preserves to be disgusting places because all one has to do is go up to an animal that has been conditioned to being around people and just blow it away.
    This woman really is a disgusting human being. Shame on her.

  • Diana

    Hunting a defenseless animal on a game reserve that has animals unafraid of humans and little natural defenses is disgusting. Taking away the “trophy” and flaunting it to the world is revolting.

  • jeña

    I am tired of unconscious people who don’t understand and respect the lives of others, be they animal or human….it’s time they wake up.

  • Emma

    She is not a human, she is a monstrous bitch. Who raised her? That is disturbing and sad. I hope she’ll burn in hell forever. A huge disappointment in America…

  • Tom

    Some of you people out there are being WAY too kind to her. If some animal doesn’t rip her face off, or if she doesn’t get a monstrous zit on her prissy puss and die of terminal embarrassment, I hope she slowly dies from the most horribly painful, grossly disfiguring, incurable disease known (or unknown) to man, burns in hell for eternity, and feels every minute of it.

  • Jo

    So sad, those beautiful animals killed for no reason, I’m glad I don’t know anyone like her in my life. She needs help.

  • http://aol jules

    The very first time I saw this disgusting barbaric picture was yesterday and I was in tears, such a magnificant beast killed by a brainless attention seeking bimbo. She must think she is the GREAT WHITE HUNTER, well put it this way I would love to meet this so called hunter face to face toe to toe NO GUNS then, when I have finished I shall present her to the lion to see who has the guts then!!!!!!!!!

  • Liane

    Melissa, you disgust me and I think you are a miserable human being. You hunt to kill, not for food, but for sport. You sicken me.

  • Michael Kelch

    I’ve seen a growing trend with women today killing animals for entertainment. Anyone who takes pleasure in killing animals is disconnected with themselves. She’s pathetic with her smile….. gloating over killing a beautiful elegant animal. What else can I say about this piece of shit…. “She’s a BIG girl now” I’m sure her scumbilly friends tell her she’s just as magnificent as the animal she has slain!
    Her vagina grows an inch every time she kills. Bloodlust scumbilly!!!!

  • April

    Something has to be done before these animals end up in the history books like the dinosaurs, nothing but stories and fossils.

  • April

    Sorry kids there were such a thing as lions and zebras, but people like this killed destroyed them all.

  • Valerie Burdell

    This makes me very sad. We visited So Africa and it was an amazing trip. We hunted these beautiful animals with our Cameras. People who kill these animals are very sick people. She thinks she’s some neat and cool lady- really? Hunting as sport should be outlawed.


    Re: Title of video “Bow shot on charging bear”
    That bear was not charging, it was at a dead stop and checking scents in the air.
    I am fully in support of hunting for food, but I do not support big game trophy hunting.
    Melissa Bachman soils the name of all reputable hunters worldwide.

  • Onika Amell

    Foreigners are wiping out our beautiful animals. There is such enormous amounts of money involved. I recently browsed through the price list of a hunting operation in Ellisras, Limpopo and it was quite sobering: $4750 for killing a giraffe, $15000 for a Cape Buffalo, $8900 for a leopard, etc etc etc. Extremely profitable for the folks owning these hunting ranges. The photo gallery shows pics of past hunts on this website that was just as sobering. It is very upsetting to see overseas hunters striking bold poses over the lifeless bodies of rhino, leopard, buffalo, lion etc. All magestic animals in very prime conditon. It is shocking to say the least. This kind of hunting is morally wrong. There is no place for it anymore. There should be emphysis on eco-tourism. I live in an area in Florida where I am surrounded by a very active hunting community. When you enter the homes of these folks, their walls are covered from top to bottom with the heads of animals killed in South Africa. They kill purely for the thrill of it. For the trophy. Because they can. Our splendid wildlife is so very unique. It is our pride. It is what sets us apart. It is our heritage and it should be there for generations to come. The time has come for South Africans to stop trophy hunting. The time has come.

  • http://webpronews a

    This is horrible. It is bad enough that she hunts, but the fact that she hunts animals that she doesn’t even eat is barbaric!

  • tom b

    That picture of that lowlife,piece of scum sitting by that beautiful
    lion smiling, after she just killed it ,tears my heart apart. I hope
    she dies a slow & horrible death. May she rot in Hell.

  • orwell becket

    I can’t believe she has a TV show. People watch this? If you can’t eat what you kill, what’s the purpose? Wonder if she has a cat or dog? Probably killed them for target practise. I can only hope she become good friends with cancer sooner then later.

  • Carla A

    Dear Melissa, You are certainly a terrific hunter. However, in order for you to feel something other than an adrenaline rush when you kill a wild animal perhaps there is a different aspect you might enjoy & find an even bigger ‘high’.
    I suggest a hunt for the most dangerous game of all…..a human. And YOU can be the first contestant on the program. Think of the money you will make from the TV program showing you on camera. Think of the ‘rush’ you will get from it! The animal kingdom will certainly be better off if you are no longer around ‘culling’ the most beautiful animals found.
    Oh yes…..and good luck. I hope you last awhile so the premier of the show can get their advertising money.
    A fan

  • monica

    I would love to call you all kinds of derogatory names like c–t,idiot, stupid,selfish,arrogant etc,etc.you must think a lot of yourself you certainly like to pose with your BIG high caliber gun. you have no soul or compassion. i hope you rot in hell with all of the animals you slaughtered feeding on you.Oh another thought I pray the Africa never lets you back in their country.Dr.M. Daniel DVM

  • LauLondon

    Can’t believe this… And how does America allow these tv programs?!? Typical… You need to be locked up woman! Together with your parents who obviously monsters as well……

  • Ieat Whatikill

    Ms. Bachman,

    Please help me understand what you stand to gain or get out of putting a bullet into a large cat? Now there’s one less lion in Africa thanks to you. The outward appearance of your page infers you just shoot the animals for the fun of it “sport”. I can buy a gun at KMART and kill an animal too.
    How many of your kills do you eat? Are you going to eat that lion or did you end this male’s life for a profile update? Of all the things to kill in this world you chose to kill a lion. I’d like you to “woman up” and post the honest truth for the public to see what became of the carcass. It would be one thing to kill it with a spear as it was about to attack and jump on you, but a gun without reason? Or do you have one you can share with the FB community? Until then, It will be my obligation to change the public’s perception of you for changing the life of a lion. I’d like to see this message with a reply on your page. I’m hoping you have a heart. If not, be a roughneck but admit to being one. -TH

  • blackcat

    why would you want to kill beautiful animals. people work hard to protect animals but she just ignores our efforts to save animals for future genourations

  • Doug

    Killing animals simply for sport so you can stand beside them, flash an idiotic grin and have someone take your picture is beyond barbaric in this day and age. Hopefully the next big cat you come across returns the favour. Gun-toting bimbo.

  • Mad

    This woman need to be lock up !! These animals have done nothing to you’!! How are you killing them and take pictures and complements how beautiful they are???? You need to be lock up!!!
    What’s wrong with these ppl who actually enjoy hunting these innocent animals???!!

    • david julander

      nothing is wrong with people who hunt these animals (provided they do eat what they take) those like you out there who have a burger or fish or any other meat at a restaurant seem to feel your better than us because you pay someone to kill your animals for you your just ignorant

  • Rebekah

    Wow, unbelievable. She shouldn’t just be banned from South Africa, she should be banned from life killing such beautiful creatures.

  • http://Webpronews Emma

    Well as for killing poor defenceless animals that are rapidly becoming extinct this woman and I use that term very loosely serves to be eaten but one of the gorgeous animals she hunts what a lovely place the world would be without trash like her killing our animals , obviously you have major issues and lead a very sad existence and have nothing in your life to focus on , I really hope that if a someone doesn’t kill you that you get your comeuppance but being eaten by one those lovely animals

    • david julander

      and you eat a burger don’t you. who killed it? think before you speak you people are beyond stupid

  • Jony Plano

    Growing up in South Africa we saw these rich foreigners coming to the country to kill large animals. It was always sickening and the people who set up these ranches do it for the money. Local wages are low and you can make a quick $10k US so why not is how they think. Mature males like this are destroyed quickly with one high powered bullet. There is no sport. Behind this grinning fool of a woman is a hunter or two to back her up.

  • Jony Plano

    The other big issue killing a beautiful male like this is pride chaos. The paying hunters demand (like this woman) a full mane on their trophy and that leads to all mature males being killed. The younger males don’t know how to deal with the chaos and the pride can break down. In Zimbabwe so many mature males have died at the hands of tourist hunters, all there are left are young males, who as soon as they mature are killed.

  • Varta
  • Chotto

    I will never understand the killing of animals for trophies. Melissa Bachman is disgusting! Contrast Bachman with the work of :

  • wayne

    U r a gutless human do it with a knife maybe it would b fair game for the lion to have a fighting chance.hopefully u can feel wat it feels like to b slaughtered.tose animals are majestic not pkay things for mindless egotistical sychopathes with no moral compass

  • wayne

    U r a gutless human do it with a knife maybe it would b fair game for the lion to have a fighting chance.hopefully u can feel wat it feels like to b slaughtered.those animals are majestic not play things for mindless egotistical sychopathes with no moral compass

  • Jegsimmons

    hmmm….. lets see….getting licenses to legally hunt and kill lions in parts where they are over populated and destructive, feasting upon elk, deer, ect. and trimming the black bear population which is alot bigger and more destructive than one thinks…uses a fine looking rifle and makes leftist mad.

    This is pure 100% grade A wife material.

    I love how people commenting here are actually really ignorant of population habits and hunting in general.

    • John Burch

      I agree, it’s time people got real about what really goes on over their. Her and that lion help save thousands of peoples lives over their. It’s funny how people make something bad out of something so good.

    • david julander

      i appreciate seeing your post on here and i agree with how ignorant these people are

  • Rob Villetto

    She is an Asshole!

    • david julander

      and your a dumb shit

  • Paul

    There is something obviously mentally defective about this sad pathetic excuse for a woman. Her TV shows should be banned and the countries she hunts in should refuse her entry.
    I feel only pity and loathing for a horrible b*t*h like this!

  • mobowhntr

    Maybe I am missing something, but is she any different than any of the other women who hunt and show their photos in hunting magazines? there is no evidence she does not eat her deer or elk kills or any other thing she has shot. In africa you can’t kill any animal without proper lis. and a PH involved. Did thids lion need to be killed? I don’t know, I don’t have all the particulars of the hunt available. would I hunt a lion or other big cat? Yes! But only if it was approved by the govt. or the preserve that was hosting the hunt! I am an avid deer hunter and small game hunter, so I know the reason I hunt and what animals I enjoy eating! I do belong to NAHC but don’t have the funds to provide me with some of these hunts others in the magazine highlight! I am not a writer either who gets paid to hunt and write about it. So until we know the full particulars behind the story, we need not judge her because she posted a photo on a public web site. It may have been the wrong one to share it on, but believe me, there are plenty out there that would be glad to have had it posted!

    • hereticlohani

      Hannibal Lector (the fictitious character from Silence of the Lambs) hunted humans and ate them. Just for the sake of argument, are we okay with this? There is no rule that says that if you hunt, and then eat the animal, you’re okay with it as opposed to hunting the animal and doing nothing. Just leaving it dead may feed scavengers in the wild, so another argument can be brought here.

      One could claim that nothing is wasted eventually. When the carcass is all eaten and the scavengers are happy, you could even go back and claim the scull of that lion and display it at your home. The only reason we, humans, kill animals is to eat them. We’re carnivores on the one hand (animals), and “supposedly” a higher life form with spiritual credentials on the other. It is this dichotomy that makes ruling on such matters vacillate between morality, realism and hypocrisy. We humans have hearts, minds, motives and greed. Are we the most evolved species on planet earth? Haha!

      Here’s a solution: divide humans into two categories – the monks and the punks. Monks get license to kill punks. This is a practical solution. Population of punks (read brainless idiots also bereft of morality) who contribute very little to the world, but waste space can surely be hunted down. Turn their bones into ivory to feed their sons and daughters. If those sons and daughters grow up to become punks, themselves, hunt them down. If they become monks, that’s social mobility. See, what a great system. Even punks can become monks if they have the goods.

      But, how does one categories someone as a monk or a punk. There is problem solving, community service records, kindness, friendliness, innovation, value enhancement in society, ingenuity, magnanimity, humility, etc. There are also idiots, maniacs, murderers, rapists, greedy bastards, warmongers and selfish and brainless degenerates. Get rid of the punks, reward the monks. Human population goes down. There’s more space for wildlife, which means more lions. More food for everyone. No need for prisons, which amounts to more real estate available for the monks. What a brilliant solution!

      What a happy world that would be. Do you like the idea of that? If not, time for some serious soul searching.