Wolf Blitzer Tells Tornado Survivor To Thank The Lord, Finds Out She’s An Atheist

    May 21, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Anybody would be thankful to survive the massive tornado that recently wrecked areas of Oklahoma. The person, or deity, being thanked might be different though. CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer found that out the hard way as he was talking to survivors.

While on the scene of the destruction today, Wolf Blitzer began talking to a young woman about her experience. At one point he said, “I guess, you gotta thank the Lord, right?” The woman, no doubt finding herself in an awkward situation, responded that she was in fact an atheist. Even so, she says that she doesn’t “blame anybody for thanking the Lord.” In the end, they all had a good laugh about it.

After what she and thousands of others went through over the last few days, I don’t blame them either.

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  • So right

    So odd that people would thank the lord for the few strokes of good fortune in all tragedies, yet, never thank, or give credit to the multitudes of pain and suffering he/she must also have slapped upon so many time and again. We are an odd, unthinking, irrational group of critters.

    • john

      2Count it all joy, my brothers,b when you meet trials of various kinds, 3for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. 4And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

    • Jackie

      I always thank The Lord for the good things that happen in my life but most importantly I praise The Lord for the bad things that are happening to me! I went through six years of absolute horrendous back pain and was in dire need of a surgeon and I had to patiently wait six long years for God’s timing to be perfect. Now that I have gone through hell and back I can honestly praise and give thanks to The Lord for those years of pain. If Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Paul went through tough times, I that am a simple Christian must learn to be obedient to my Lord’s will.

  • So right

    So odd that people would thank the lord for the few strokes of good fortune in all tragedies, yet, never thank, or give credit to the multitudes of pain and suffering he/she must also have slapped upon so many time and again. We are an odd, unthinking, irrational group of critters.

  • steve

    I applaud this woman for her convictions. Especially since she lives in an area of “god fearing” individuals.

    Remember, god created this mess and killed these children!!!!!!

    • brock


      You WILL bow down to the father soon after you leave this life.
      Believe me son, it’s a fact. I only pray you and others like you figure that out before you leave.
      He loves you, AND He does exist.

      GOD bless you.

      • Sk3ptik0n

        I sure hope Steve a very long and fulfilling life, but when his time comes, he won’t bow down to any primitive god.

        I don’t know how old Steve is and I don’t know how old you are, but you calling him son has to be a sin of pride, isn’t it? Well, fortunately I have good news for you: you know all those people that wrote books about them visiting heaven? I too have come back from the dead. Three times, in fact. But once I was gone for so long they thought I would not make it.

        How did it feel? Peaceful. Just like before you were born. Pure nothingness.
        In other words, nothing to fear. Sad as it is to no longer see your dear ones, the bright side is that I won’t have to deal with bible thumpers either. That alone may be worth the price of admission.

        LASTLY, DON;T YOU DARE CALL ME SON. The only one with that right passed away over 10 years ago and I am probably your senior. If not I am close enough.

        You have only one life. Enjoy it and don’t spend it in fear of something that doesn’t exist.

    • http://yahoo frank tucker

      You sir, have lost your mind ! God didn’t create that tornado and kill those children. You did, and all the human race is to blame. Someday, you and that atheist will be standing before your creator and you will bow your knees before him and try and explain that remark. As we all will.

    • hari

      God Did not kill children. That was the doing of mother nature. Theres no such thing as a perfect world therefor god must allow nature to take its course. Mother nature can be beautiful and dangerous all at the same. there has to be evil in order to be good. there has to be balance. people shouldn’t blame god for the bad. dont just remember god in the bad times, and totally forget his existence when times are good.

      • Italian80

        If you read few pages of bible, you would have found out that God killed plenty of children (assuming that you believe to that set of fairy tales).

  • http://webpronews lola cheeks

    I am really surprised that people who survive in these tragic times think that there is no God. If God ignored the world for a moment, it would be destroyed. he gives people a mind to think with, and a freedom to do with it as they please. but he doesn’t force them to do either love him or hate him. but yet because God doesn’t stop all the bad things that happen, they accuse God of being cruel and unjust. but if he forced them to go against what they want, they would hate that to. so that lets you know that if you do stupid things its not God’s fault. he gave you a mind. its not his fault you don’t use it. but I know one thing, you won’t find an atheist when the world comes to an end. and to teach your young children that there is no God will come back to haunt you in the end.

    • god

      That is very insensitive to say. But not surprising given your position on religion. Typical Christian. And when the world does come to an end, and your God doesn’t show up and take you where you THINK you’re going, you’re gonna owe a lot of Atheists apologies ‘mam. Because we’ll all end up in the same place. 😉 Pray for yourself.

      • Beautiful Smile

        I agree with you Lola, well said. As for the person who commented under the name of god, I am 100% sure it’s the atheists who will be apologetic to Christians and God Himself. I will pray for you. Take Care

      • http://webpronews lola cheeks

        and could you explain where you think all of us will go? if there is no God to judge us, who do you think will? so I am sure we will not all wind up in the same place. and how could I pray for myself, it there is no one to pray too? there is no atheists, just people who want to do as they please and convince themselves that they don’t have to answer to anyone. and thank God, I am the “typical Christian” I am still a sinner, just a forgiven one.

    • hil@gmail.com

      Children were killed. How very loving of him.

      • hari

        thats just the cycle of life. if god wanted to stop everything he could but then we would all be puppets and life would be too perfect. there has to be a balance. theres no point in living on this earth when theres no imperfections. mother nature is beautiful and dangerous all at the same time. some people thank god for being alive and for the safety of their families, and some people blame him for not “protecting” them and their homes and for letting mother nature take its course. Maybe god allows these things to happen so that he could wake people up to the things they fail to see. atheist believe theres no god, yet blame god for this stuff? i do not understand that. how can you blame someone/something that you dont even believe exists.

    • Sk3ptik0n

      I am really curious to find out how you can reconcile giving praise to the lord for saving those that are still alive without completing the thought to its natural end, which is that if this god guy is real, he is also the one that didn’t stop the tornado in the first place, but also choose not to save those that died. What did the kids that died do exactly to be left to die?

      Of course, in view of your closing remarks, I find it amazing you have enough of a brain left to find your shoes and tie the laces in the morning. Exactly what I should be afraid of for raising my daughter a humanist? How is that going to bite back?

      And mind you, I let her go to Church more than once with various relatives and never had a problem with it because I was positive there are enough idiots in church to actually perfectly complement my own. Sure enough, every single mass she attended some Christian took it upon him/herself to behave so rudely that even the accompanying relative had to apologize. Once the priest himself said something hateful and bigoted, and they all left a very lasting impression.

      So I told her about god, I did. I told her that this god guy, was not so bad at times, but his minions on earth for the most part were useless, and you guys didn’t let me down.

  • http://webpronews lola cheeks

    no God isn’t creating these messes and destroying these children. He is an unchanging God. he doesn’t make up his mind as he goes along, like ok I don’t like this person today I am going to kill his kids, or I love this person today, so I will save his house, He has control of everything and he loves everyone with no favoritism , but things happen in this world that are tragic. you should be really thankful that God doesn’t react different all the time and that he doesn’t change him mind on a whim, he died on the cross to save you, if you will let him. but he won’t force you. so if the world blows up around you then don’t blame God. you might be surprised to know that children doesn’t belong to us anyway, God loaned them to us to keep and protect them until he wants them back. just like he will take back all the people when the time comes. from dust you were created and to dust you will return. and you will have chosen your destiny at that time. the children are the innocent victims in these tragic events.

  • Ike

    She looks like she would be an atheist. They all where those stupid looking glasses because they think they look smarter wearing them.

  • jrchambers

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, who are the called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    When something good happens, people praise the lord, when something bad happens they do the same thing. There is no god and religon is the biggest cult ever in the world.

    I’m cathlic but hate it when people thank god for something he or she never had a hand in. Let’s see, before storm you pray to the lord for the family to be safe and next day you the only one who survived. Are you going to praise the lord again or be made the lord didn’t help you?

    No such thing as god folks. It’s a cold to get our money, they brain washing people for the past few hundred year’s.

    • hari

      Then you are no “catholic”. You cant even spell it correctly.

    • hari

      Wait… youre catholic but don’t believe in god?..
      And religion + god has been around for many more years then “hundreds” , since god did create the universe…

      • Valera

        I’m a catholic through no choice of my own. I was baptized when I was a baby. My family is plenty religious to the point that I wanted to ba a nun cause I thought it was cool. Only to realize later on that I wanted to be a nun because I saw the movie, sister act, and that I never really felt anything religious.

        I started questioning the bible and all it’s claims and the priest and pastors couldn’t answer all my question. Kept giving me vague answers that weren’t answers at all.

        I am now an atheist and proud of it. I believe in reality and don’t push the blame on the devil for all the bad things that happen. And I realize, it’s more freeing.

        Religion is a chain that held the world for so long. I’m so glad to be free of it.

        BTW: you can be catholic and not believe. Not all catholic are believers. In fact more catholics are posers compared to any other religion cause a lot of catholics don’t act as catholic should

  • Ron

    I think most of you are too afraid to NOT to believe!…..which proves that most of you believers really are a bunch of fearful, non-critical thinking individuals. And that’s too bad. Religion is the biggest fariy tale ever told, and most of us never questioned it one time, only because we are SCARED NOT to believe it no matter how insane it sounds! Do yourself a favor!: QUESTION EVERYTHING!! And remember, if you don’t believe in aliens, that tells me your haven’t read the bible as good christian should. The “good book” speaks of them from Genesis through Revelations!

  • MJD

    You say it’s a fairy tale to get your money. Explain how over 2000 years ago there was no money and there was believers? How is it that so many people from so many countries believe in Jesus Christ? How is it that this country was founded on God? “In God We Trust”.
    See you refuse to believe because you want to justifie the sinful things you do and hope and try to convince others there is no God because you are affraid of the judgement in the end.
    You have a right to choose whatever you please and God give us that right and in the end there are only one or two places you will end up. Choose this day who you will serve. You still have time to except Him as your Lord and Savior.

    • Peter Caughley

      There was no money? What was on the money-changers tables that your hippie-god Jesus turned over in the temple?

      “In God We Trust” wasn’t put on our currency until after WWII. I would like to see it taken off.

      Which country was “founded on God”? The one that rains hellfire from above on little yellow and brown children all over the world for control of oil?

      You are proof that religion only attracts the feeble minded. Read a book. Start with that one you like with the money changers and the pieces of silver used to bribe the guy who turned hippie boy into the Romans.

      No money?