Winter Storm Hercules Wreaks Havoc On Northeast


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Winter storm Hercules swept across the country and left a trail of snow, sleet and ice behind it. While some parts of the country only saw a coating of snow, the Northeast was hit much harder. Blizzard conditions were predicted along the Northeast coast and many areas received several inches of snow.

The snow is not the only thing that make Winter storm Hercules dangerous, the strong winds and extremely low temperatures could make it deadly. Some areas of the Northeast are expected to see wind chills drop as low as 25 degrees below zero over the weekend.

Many meteorologists are saying this weekend's weather could be the coldest since 2009. While some areas are not expected to see any more snow over the weekend, Blizzard warnings are still in effect and many experts are warning that travelers and residents in the Northeast should not let their guards down just because they do not see snow.

"A blizzard occurs when snow reduces visibility to less than a quarter of a mile for more than three hours, accompanied by winds of 35 miles per hour or more. So it is possible for a blizzard to occur even when snow is not falling, as long as snow that is already on the ground is being whipped by fierce winds, thus reducing visibility," said Weather Channel meteorologist Stu Ostro.

If you are or were in the storm's path, make sure all roadways are safe before you travel on them, stay inside as much as possible to avoid exposure to the cold and remember to check on your outdoor pets often and add hay, straw, blankets or heat lamps to their kennels to ensure that they are warm.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.