Winter Coats Can Save A Homeless Person’s Life

By: Tina Volpe - December 24, 2013

When winter hits the country, with freezing rain, snow, ice and below zero temps, most Americans are at home snuggled up by a fire or in a heated home. It can be difficult to venture out into the snow and ice when required – but most people have a warm place to return.

Not the homeless. They are the hundreds of thousand people who live on the streets in every city, town and suburb in the U.S. In New York alone the numbers have been estimated: Each night as many as 60,000 people — including more than 22,000 children — experience homelessness.

Measured annually – more than 111,000 different homeless New Yorkers, including more than 40,000 children, sleep in New York’s shelters.

The total number of people in New York that are homeless, as of September 2013 is 52,351. Numbers get higher in warmer places like Los Angeles County – their numbers are closer to the 250,000 mark – of men, women and children who experience homelessness at some point in the year.

That is a lot of homeless people – but who keeps them warm? There are organizations that help – such as “One Warm Coat.

One Warm Coat and organizations like them help the estimated 671,850 Americans that experience homelessness on any given night, in our country. They organize coat drives, blanket drives, and more.

From their website: Health experts report that even a 2-degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion. Adults cannot work effectively and children find it difficult to learn. For most, a warm coat solves the problem. But, for the now nearly 15% of Americans living in poverty, a warm winter coat is a budget “extra.”

One Warm Coat helps other organizations organize drives in an effort to gather enough coats to help the homeless through winter.

Other groups, such as The Empowerment Plan is not just helping the homeless get warm coats for the frigid winters, but is also employing them, enabling them to earn incomes and restart their lives.

Their mission” We’re a Detroit-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless community. We hire homeless women from local shelters to become full time seamstresses. These women manufacture a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag, which is then given out to homeless individuals living on the streets at no cost to them.

​We believe in giving second chances to those who want it, and providing warmth to those who need it.

Why not find a local organization or group that is dedicated to helping the homeless stay warm this winter – and give. Give your coats, sweaters, blankets, donations or your time. This is a time when our country needs to care about those who cannot even stay warm.

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  • Falcons Suck

    There shouldn’t be homeless in this country!!!

    We lost 11.3 TRILLION dollars in the last 10 years. (2.3 at the Pentagon and 9.0 at the FED) That money is more than enough to solve the homeless problem.

  • Tina Volpe

    Nope – I agree Falcon – every human being is entitled to ‘basic needs’ – a bed, shelter and food/water. The people that are starving to death in this country could be fed if we took just a portion of the funds given to pro football stars, congress, senators and the wealthy. Nobody should starve, ever… or be homeless.

    • Falcons Suck

      I totally agree. The disparity between the haves and have nots is too great. I have a background in finance and have dealt with the mega wealthy. It really is sickening. I have also dealt with governments and the waste/corruption is overwhelming.

      It is funny Tina. We blame God for all the world’s problems but the reality is that God gave us all the freedom of choice. We just don’t choose well. We try to collect possessions but they will not do us any good when we die. We simply choose not tell help others. God gave us everything we need to thrive and live in peace. We simply just choose not to do this.

      We could make this world so much better if we just simply chose to do so.