Winners Of Yahoo Yodeling Contest Announced

    November 17, 2009

About one month ago, Yahoo launched a new campaign to get people excited about its brand, and as part of the exercise, asked individuals to put their spin on the famous Yahoo yodel.  This afternoon, Yahoo identified the three people who stood out from the crowd.

We should note that these three people stood out in a positive way; not every yodel was easy on the ears.  A post on Yodel Anecdotal encouraged adventurous types, "Be sure to check out the honorable mentions area of to experience a wide range of yodeling genius – from R&B to country duets to death metal, no musical stone was left unturned."

Anyway, Tucson’s Tiffany Jo Allen was declared the U.S. winner of the yodeling contest.  Katherine Skene of St. Andrews came out on top in the U.K.  Then, Mumbai’s Ankitaa Bhattacharji rounded out the winning trio by prevailing in India.

Recordings of the three ladies’ yodels have been put where lots of people are sure to hear them: their countries’ respective Yahoo homepages.  All it takes to listen is a visit to the page and a click on the exclamation point in the Yahoo logo.

Congratulations to the winners.

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