Windows, Unix Servers Even In Revenue

    May 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Global sales of servers continues to increase, but for the first time Windows boxes have matched Unix machines.

After a 5.3 percent increase in the first quarter, revenue from servers moved to $12.1 billion USD in the first quarter. It was the 8th consecutive quarter of positive revenue growth.

Linux servers extended their double digit growth to eleven straight quarters, a mark that likely has Microsoft concerned in its Redmond home base. Even so, Windows gave Microsoft some good news.

Revenues for Windows servers increased by 12.3 percent; quarterly revenue reached $4.2 billion USD, the same figure Unix servers generated for the same period. Linux server revenue was in excess of $1.2 billion for the quarter, and IDC notes HP was number one in Linux server sales, followed by IBM.

Meanwhile, the growth of Windows in the server market demonstrates greater confidence in the operating system, especially in the enterprise server space.

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