Windows OneCare: Free Perpetual Beta

    April 27, 2006

Time is running out; just four days left to snag a year of Microsoft’s excellent Windows Live OneCare security software for just twenty bucks.

However, some lucky folks, mostly those who got in while it was a mostly closed beta, are getting OneCare for free as a “perpetual beta”. The lucky ones get new OneCare features early in a testing phase, becoming guinea pigs for tested but unproven code in exchange for the free software.

The number of people in this program should be less than 1 percent of users, according to a story at ZDNet. Currently, about 170,000 are testing OneCare. I’ve got my beta invite, and, depending on NDA, will try to bring coverage of the developments as OneCare evolves and matures.

(via Bink)

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