Windows Mobile 6.5 Launching In October

Offers improved interface

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Microsoft said today that phones loaded with the latest version of Windows Mobile, version 6.5, will launch globally October 6.

"A Windows phone gives people a single phone that works for their whole life, keeping them connected to the people and information they care most about by harnessing the power of the PC, phone and Web," said Todd Peters, corporate vice president of the Mobile Communications Marketing Group at Microsoft.

Todd Peters, Corporate VP, Microsoft Mobile Communications Marketing Group
Todd Peters

Features of Windows Mobile 6.5 include a redesigned Internet Explorer browser with built-in Adobe Flash Lite support, an improved user interface and the ability for users to customize their phone.

In North America, Microsoft said its partners include AT&T, Bell Mobility, Sprint, Tellus, Verizon Wireless, and phone makers HP, HTC Corp., LG, Samsung and Toshiba.

Its European partners include mobile operators Orange, Deutsche Telekom AG, Vodafone, and phone manufacturers Acer, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba.

Microsoft said its partners in Latin America are mobile operator TIM Brazil, and phone manufacturers HTC, LG and Samsung.

In the Asia-Pacific region Microsoft partners include mobile operators NTT DOCOMO, SOFTBANK Mobile, SK Telecom, Telstra and WILLCOM. Phone manufacturers include Acer, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Launching In October
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  • http://www.wiiconverter.com/ Wii Video Converter

    Microsoft regard more and more on mobile system.

  • Guest

    to late i think

  • http://bitmatic.com Bitmatic

    I am looking very much forward to it. Win Mobile needs an update.

  • http://www.esvon.com classifier

    If only they could address memory leaking in Win Mobile

    • KreyziRayva

      Memory, Registry and System Management

      i agree with that comment about memory leaking. Exactly the same goes for temporary files. I have an XPERIA X1 and was very disappointed with WiMo 6.0. I flashed WiMo 6.1 on to it (which was a big improvement in stability) but i find the phone gets slower and slower and resources get eaten up for no reason. I installed SKTOOLS to remove temp/orphan files and optimise the registry etc and then my phone was like new again. I would prefer it if the system files/resources could be managed better in the first place.

      Performance & Stability

      As i’m a .NET developer i saw a big benefit of upgrading my Sony P1i (Symbian UIQ) to the XPERIA X1 as it would be easier to develop my own software. As the P1i has a 177 MHz processor and the XPERIA has a 528MHz processor, i had high expectations of for my first Windows Mobile phone….

      Now i’m disappointed that the fastest mobile i’ve owned, is actually the slowest when under “normal-use” (a few web pages open, Push email, an MSN client, open pdf document and maybe a SIP client such as fring). The P1 could manage that without a high chance of crashing, so the X1 should be fine – however i often find after quickly writing half a SMS/email, that the X1 is processing+displaying the text at a speed of 1 letter per second!! Clearly this is not due to the X1’s high-speed processor and i’ve accepted it as resource sucking code in the WiMo OS!

      Microsoft needs to optimise their code and stop following the same route as they have took with Windows PC operating systems.

      Currently i think WiMo 6.1 is about as stable as Windows XP but with fewer blue screens. I read on xda-developers that Windows 7 preferably requires a 1GHz cpu, i just hope it doesn’t waste even more resources and end up like Windows Vista-requiring 1GB memory to function properly. The desktop Windows 7 OS is fantastic for performance/resource management and stability…..please Microsoft, give us similar functionality for our mobile OS!!

      Sorry for completely drifting off topic! Feel free to comment or correct me, or even flame and hurl abuse back at me – everyone has an opinion!

  • Guest

    Oh so awesome, we can look forward to……well nothing really apart from a better browser and new look. As a developer on windows mobile this is about as useful as a poke in the eye. New front end to the tired old backend….wow. Nice one Microsoft, you’ll only be a couple of years behind the pack when this comes out. Pull your finger out and get Win Mo 7 released then you will have something to shout about, but until then you’ve got no business trying to hock this off to anyone.

  • Guest

    Is it even worth mentioning?
    I have been running the beta versions of this on my phone for quite a while now… and really there is nothing to shout about… 6.5 is like an attempt at just putting “something” out there… Come now Microsoft you CAN do it!!! get a REAL new version out!!! PLEASE!!!!

  • http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-us/default.mspx Guest

    The new release will be best on new phones with different display technology (capacitive as aposed to TFT). The screen will flow up and down more readily. For what it is worth, MS, is going from 6.1 to 6.5 so a major leap it will not be.

    It is more of a gui update that anything else. I look forward to the new phones made for this update – HTC Leo!!!


  • Guest

    The fatal flaw with Windows Mobile is no upgrades to the OS. You buy a Windows SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 or 6.1 and that’s what you have until you purchase a new phone.

    • Guest

      I don’t think that is true. I have a HTC and it came with mobile 6 and I’ve upgraded to 6.2.

      • Sam

        It’s true. Ihave HTC with 6.1 and I try several times to upgrade. It couldn’t fined the server.

        • Guest

          Try in XDA Developers.

          They rock and Winmo leads.

    • DJ

      One thing is not to know how to upgrade the OS and another say that it cannot be done.

      I have a HTC Wizard (Cingular 8125) that came with Windows Mobile 5, now I have WinMo 6.5 there, same in my HTC Hermes (AT&T 8525).

      WinMo devices are totally customizable.

  • Figmo

    “A Windows phone gives people a single phone that works for their whole life…”

    OMG!! Tell me he didn’t actually say that. As an earlier poster mentioned…this is useless to me unless HTC releases a new flash for my PPC6800. (yeah – like THAT’S gonna happen)

    If they will de-couple the OS from the hardware (like a PC), then I think M$ will have something to beat the pants off the iPhone.

    Why do you think Windows became so dominate over Apple on the PC platform 20 years ago? Because to run an Apple OS, you needed an expensive Mac. Your only choice. But you could install Windows on any ol’ PC you happened to have. And you only needed to upgrade hardware if new features were introduced into the OS that you felt were worth the cost of upgrading.

  • http://www.eurox10.com Homer Automation

    Sorry Microsoft, the train has already left the station! If you wish to catch up with iPhone for the High-end segment you will need better then WinMo 6.5!

    Maybe with Windows mobile 7 you can catch up! Hope the new Zune UI will really bring new and amazing features which can them be ported to the new Windows Phone 7!

    • YS

      Sorry Homer Automation, the train has already left the station. Google phone with Google Wave will replace everything such as email, IM, blog, twitter

  • http://www.queensoccer.com sunnyshine

    It might shame on Microsoft for his slow movement about the Windows mobile. It is not like the OS for PC or laptop that customers don’t many choices to choose. Here is more competitive and tougher.

  • Shadfurman

    I really like the iPhone, I strongly considered getting one, but I waited too long and now I’m waiting for the new android phones before I pick one. The iPhone IS really cool, but it’s pretty much a toy. I mean you don’t have MANY options to pick from WinMo, iPhone, Palm and Blackberry. But as far as functionality for business, I would pick even on OLD WinMo or Blackberry over iPhone ANY day. Apple just does not make business products, they make edgy, expensive, sexy tech toys. WinMo does not need to catch up to iPhone, but they do need to overhaul some things a bit. Apple did well with the app store innovation, I think that is something really missing from Windows phones. I would develop for a Windows phone in a heartbeat over iPhone (on the assumption that they wouldn’t run their app store like a dictatorship)

    • Simon Lees-Smith

      I was a die hard WinMo fan untill last Tuesday. That’s when my new HTC Hero running Googles Android was delivered to my door. smaller, lighter and more powerfull than the ibrick, uh I mean Iphone. It has it’s accelerometer and app (like) store, but unlike apple, google has made the android platform open source and encourages us all to invent new apps for it. All I need now is TomTom on android and I’ll be a happy boy. Move over WinMo, somenthing bigger, better and easily business friendly coming over the hill.

  • ScubaPete

    I upgraded my old Qtek S200 (HTC Prophet) to WM6.1 and it sucks a little less. But the real bonus with windows mobile is that it’s just as easy to get pirate software for it as it is for windows on PC which is, if you’re reallly honest, M$’s absolute best selling point

  • http://westcoastvinyl.blogspot.com West Coast Vinyl

    Apple makes lots of sexy techie toys, but they know that is where the traffic is and where they are making the money. Yeh, for now there isn’t really any business application. But I’m sure they’re experimenting with one that is sexy looking and attracting the preppy.

    We are currently working on an app for iPhone that has to do with helping clients diy needs.

  • http://www.convert-swf.net/ SWF Converter

    Microsoft is one part of the mobile system camp.

  • http://blog.7deeds.com Petros Amiridis

    I am waiting to find out.

  • http://www.bikeshopcastlehill.com.au Home Solar Power Systems

    MS have said that 7 will not replace 6.5 they will compliment each other. 7 for high end multi media oriented devices, 6.5 for lower end models.

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