Windows Live Takes A SkyDrive

    August 9, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The product formerly known as Windows Live Folders has been renamed and opened up to people in the US, UK, and India.

Windows Live Takes A SkyDrive
Windows Live Takes A SkyDrive

Microsoft’s Windows Live-branded online file storage service received a new moniker as the beta opened up to a broader audience. SkyDrive allows people to store files and share them with friends or the public.

In simpler terms, it looks like they have made a pretty drag and drop interface for a FTP server, with an easy way to set permissions. They made plenty of storage space available for potential users, with 500MB accounts available.

Users need a Windows Live ID to access the SkyDrive account. Files can be placed into shared folders, and each person will need a Windows Live ID to read or add/delete files, depending on the permissions given to them.

Public folders function as described. The folder owner can share a link to a file in the folder with others as desired. Those visitors receive read access to the content.

The SkyDrive Team posted the main changes they have made to the service, based on feedback from beta testers:

•  An upgraded look and feel – new graphics to go along with your new features!
•  “Also on SkyDrive” – easily get back to the SkyDrives you