Windows Live Registering A Lot Of Domains

    February 24, 2006

IPWalk has looked at the registrar Microsoft is using for Microsoft Office Live, and shows that in just its first five days, over 4,000 domain names were registered by the service.

Domain names are being registered by Melbourne IT, a registrar, although if Microsoft wants to keep this up, maybe they should become one too, like Google is.

As IPWalk points out, the large numbers should be even higher and are only limited by the number of product keys Microsoft sends out. Well, Microsoft sent me two, and while I used one to test out the service (it’s surprisingly good, for what its worth), I would like to give one away to a happy reader, so they can get a free domain, hosting, and powerful web-based site creation tools. However, this reader must have merit to receive. How about somebody find me a new blog template!

(via Elinor Mills)

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