Windows Live Local Consumer Local Search…

    February 28, 2006

And mapping to expand with street-side – new functionality.

Later Today Windows Live Local will preview some new functionality — the company will be showing yours truly (and others) a Technical Preview of street-side’, a new feature Microsoft is building for its Windows Live Local consumer local search and mapping site. As its name implies, street-side provides three new street-level vantage points for Windows Live Local users wanting a sneak preview of desired destinations, and surrounding visual cues on how to get there. Some features:

– Street-side imagery will be available in a split screen navigation window. In the upper navigation pane, Windows Live Local users can view street-level imagery of their destinations. In the lower navigation pane, Windows Live Local users can switch between three navigation vehicles – race car, sports car, and walk-by… cool!

– The preview will focus on 2 cities – Seattle and San Francisco.

Stay tuned. More info available later today at

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