Windows Live Local: Caught By Themselves

    April 13, 2006

The first thing many people think when they hear about Microsoft and Amazon taking pictures of city streets to include in local search is, “Where are they? I want to be in the picture!”

Problem is, most of us wouldn’t even know what to look for. Is it a truck? A van? An SUV? Is there a big camera array, or a hole in the side, or some sort of periscope device? Should I be looking for a big antenna?

I’ve gotten a few emails from people thinking they saw the trucks. Its not like the trucks say on them, “Smile! You’re on Windows Live Local!”

Hmm Maybe they should. Create a buzz, ya know?

Anyway, Microsoft’s inadvertantly helped us out, with an honest-to-god picture of the van. How? The van took a picture of itself, reflected in a store window! Nice.

Check it out at Rick Hallihan’s blog.

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