Windows Live Essentials/Dashboard

    August 25, 2006

LiveSide reveals the Windows Live Dashboard, a program that acts as a center for Windows Live desktop applications.

It allows management of installed Live apps, as well as one-click installation of new products. While Microsoft is not likely to bundle the Dashboard in Vista, it might convince a few OEMs to bundle it independently (or through money, like Google does), or they might have it as an install option with a bunch of software products.

We’ve seen companies release products that are designed to push all their other products, and mostly, they’ve been just plain annoying. I think Acclaim did this with a bunch of their games. Hopefully, the Dashboard is unobtrusive and helpful, and doesn’t push on users products they don’t need (like the Family Safety Settings software for homes without kids).

UPDATE: LiveSide updated their post to reflect that Windows Live Essentials is the larger product, allowing for the one-click installs, and Dashboard is part of that product.


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