Windows 8: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

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Windows 8: Is It Worth The Upgrade?
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Windows 8 has been at the forefront of discussion for the weeks leading up to its launch on Friday. The company says that Windows 8 is the future – a world where traditional desktop computing and touch computing can live in harmony. A future where all your content is at your fingertips at all times. So is the future worth it?

What do you think of Windows 8? Are you going to upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

Windows 8 is drastically different from anything else on the market at this time. The usually conservative Microsoft is taking a big bet on the general consumer this time around instead of catering to its usual enterprise crowd. It’s that bet on the consumer that may hurt its enterprise adoption.

The most obvious change is the new start menu. Upon booting up, Windows 8 now presents you with a screen of multi-colored blocks called “Live Tiles” that feature all of your content front and center. All of your music, videos, pictures, games and more are made readily available for your consumption.

The same goes for apps – a major driving force for Windows 8. Microsoft wants to emulate the success of Apple’s App Store with its own Windows Store. It’s a carefully curated marketplace of apps built specifically for Windows 8. A number of companies, including Google, Skype and Netflix, have already produced apps for Windows 8. Unfortunately, there’s still not enough apps in the marketplace to have it replace the traditional desktop operating system.

Windows 8 worth the upgrade

There may not be enough apps for consumers, but some enterprise customers are making great use of Windows 8’s focus on apps. eWeek reports that Twentieth Century Fox has created a Windows 8 B2B app so its customers can browse through all the television series available for purchase. The app also displays information and assets for TV series from within the app. The company said Windows 8 provided them a way to make their sales app “more sexy and exciting.”

There are numerous other stories of enterprise customers who are using Windows 8 apps to connect directly with customers. For instance, Rooms To Go, a furniture retailer, built a Windows 8 app that its salespeople use at stores. With it, the consumer can add what they need to a virtual shopping cart and check out without having to carry anything around. The consumer friendly approach of Windows 8 is seemingly a good fit for consumer oriented businesses.

Will Windows 8 be good for consumer focused businesses? Let us know in the comments.

What about the enterprise customer with a large internal workforce? Microsoft is already forcing these businesses’ hands by making Office 2013 only available on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Those who are still using Windows XP will have to upgrade to at least Windows 7 to get the latest features.

Windows 8 worth the upgrade

Microsoft sees the upgrade as only a good thing. ZDNET reports that Microsoft Australia business group lead Tina Flammer says that Windows 8 is positioned to handle the “top worry” for CIOs – managing a mobile workforce with a broad range of devices. Whether or not that’s the top worry, Microsoft is confident that businesses will come around to Windows 8 sooner or later because it offers advanced security and management on “no compromise devices that everybody loves.”

Windows 8 worth the upgrade

No matter how much Microsoft spins it, however, some businesses still can’t help but feel that Windows has abandoned the enterprise market. Doug Johnson, head of risk management policy at the American Bankers Association told Reuters that “Windows 8 is, frankly, more of a consumer platform than it is a business platform.” He went on to say that “there is really no additional business functionality that Windows 8 gives you that I can see.”

Windows 8 might have been more popular among enterprise customers if they didn’t already have a better alternative in Windows 7. A lot of enterprise customers are just now starting to move off of Windows XP after Vista failed to excite them, and nobody wants to move to a new OS so soon after an upgrade. Besides, Windows 7 is more familiar to Windows XP, an operating system that employees have probably been using for over a decade.

The move to Windows 7 may be the last major change among enterprise customers for some time. Michael Silver, an analyst at tech research firm Gartner, told Reuters that he expects 90 percent of large organization to not “deploy Windows 8 broadly.” Even worse, he expects only 20 percent of PCs in large corporations to be equipped with Windows 8.

So, it all comes down to one question – should you upgrade to Windows 8? At the moment, it’s not really worth it. The operating system doesn’t have enough going for it to make the upgrade worth it for consumers or enterprise. The app store is relatively barren and lacks a number of important apps – Facebook and Twitter – that are important to consumers. The amount of work required to retrain an entire workforce to use the new start menu and a desktop without a start button would take too long and cost too much.

With that being said, Windows 8 shows tremendous promise. The current Windows 8 apps being built for consumer interaction are pretty exciting. Building those apps, however, require the kind of resources that not all businesses have or are willing to spare. Microsoft will most assuredly work on making Windows 8 easier to deploy across the workplace, but it’s going to take some time.

Do you see Windows 8 benefitting your business in any way? Or are you taking a wait and see approach? Let us know in the comments.

For consumers interested in Windows 8, Microsoft is currently running a deal where existing Windows XP, Vista or 7 owners can upgrade to WIndows 8 for only $39.99. As far as Windows goes, that’s a fantastic deal that might help Microsoft gain some traction among the consumer market. As for enterprise customers, you already have your own special option.

Windows 8: Is It Worth The Upgrade?
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  • fos

    just had a look at it
    It looks a little boring

  • Jim

    I have tried windows 8 on a 7 year old desktop. We have 2 laptops and another 3 year old desktop, none of which are touchscreens. All of our computers run Windows 7 (perfectly fine). I really don’t see the point of installing a touch screen OS on any of our machines, it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe Microsoft should have realised this. I have no plans to run out and purchase a tablet or touch screen PC. Good luck with this one (Windows 8) Microsoft, I don’t think sales are going to be near as positive as your experts predict.

  • bob

    I love Windows 8. I don’t own a touch screen and don’t need one for the office. The sheer collaboration between both desktops while on the go is awesome and what I’ve been wanting ever since the iPad was released. Also, Windows 8 is far more superior to windows 7, better memory management, better SSD optimization and better performance. I feel Microsoft has outdone themselves with this version, I haven’t been this excited for an OS since windows 95!

  • John D Baines

    No thanks.
    This is in the category of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’
    I know 7 is not perfect, but to me the 8 set-up is much less so. With RT and 8, and desktop versions, its a ‘bit of this and a bit of that’ there’s no consistency except that you’ll get rotator cuff syndrome instead of RSI!

  • mike

    Why Bother ?
    Spend a load of time moving from 7 to 8 just to help microsoft pretend to be apple??
    Most of the tablets available can’t run full 8 or outlook – what is the point if I can’t have my database with me?
    And why o why release microsoft surface tablet without the facility to go mobile without screwing around with your phone – I was running a business of a Psion 3A and a Nokia mobile in the mid nineties – these people have no idea what going mobile is!

  • Angy

    Had a look at it today. Screen resolution makes it useless for one of my two notebooks and unlikely for the other; Basic specs make it a poor fit for the basic desktop. No good for my current smartphone, which covers between 30 and 45% of my work -(I’m short-sighted, and the screen size is easy for me).

    The price for W8 apparently grants one license only. No clues as to whether my favourite non-MS programmes – office suite, graphics, email client – will work with it.

    Pretty front end. What else is there??

  • http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/shimmy Shimmy

    Well I upgraded, and in terms of metro style I regret.
    The file explorer and the over all performance is great tho.
    I just can’t get used to the nasty start menu that occupies my entire screen with huge ugly buttons.
    I prefer small mini icons, I prefer leveraging screen space for better productivity.
    I think MSFT did a terrible mistake. The metro style should be for tablets, not for PCs (or at least make it on demand).

  • http://Facebook DL

    I upgraded. Got a discount deal since I very recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7 on it. I am less than impressed. IE10 sucks. Most of the preloaded apps do not connect or just do not work. I have yet to connect to anything remotely resembling an “App” store. It seems to me that if you are going to release a new product, you would want it to be FULLYU operational on opening day. There are two desktops with a laptop. Most of my programs have to run on the Win7 desktop. I like the design, if I could actually get everything over onto the sleek new design, but, I guess I will have to wait for Win8 SP3 or 4 to get there……….

  • Bill

    Reading through the comments I see no reason for me to upgrade. Recently we reluctantly upgraded two computers in the office to Windows 7 and are still trying to adjust to that. The cost for upgrading programs to work on Windows 7 was more than the computers and one all-in-one printer/scanner/copier still does not work properly.

  • David

    As a professional developer building apps for Windows for 25 years, and after a modest hands-on with Windows 8, I found myself frustrated and irritated at the new UI, looking for at least something to anchor myself to the familiar desktop. Once I found this Win8 “hybrid” desktop, I realized something – if I spend all my time in the “upgraded” operating system looking for a way to interact with the “current” version, what is my motivation to upgrade? The Metro UI is geared toward users, not enterprise or corporate desktops, meaning that Win8 in its current form may never see the light of day in our business. Having already decided that any tablet I eventually purchase will be Android, and having no practical reason to move to Win8, I see myself satisfied with Win7 for the foreseeable future, and will recommend that to those who ask.

  • http://invisibler.com/ donottrackme

    It is worthy the upgrade, but not now; At least not before there are more apps and MS fixes the problems about compatibility.

  • John

    I don’t have touch screen so I won’t upgrade. I use Windows Xp and it works fine, and Ubuntu works fine too, no different than windows for me, so I will only get Windows 8 when I buy my next computer.

  • http://www.zkarlo.com Ziggy

    I’m not saying that Windows 8 won’t be good, but Microsoft’s history shows that every other OS is bad. Essentially, they release beta OS’s like Windows ME and Vista that have a lot of bugs, then they release the good version after that like XP and 7. So, if this holds true, we would be best to wait till Windows 9, which will fix all the bugs of Windows 8.

    • http://wexfordpress.com John Culleton

      Even after they debug it a lot of commercial users will resist as long as possible. Consider the retraining cost of staff and IT folks. But MS won’t abandon the new interface. Too much bucks and too many egos already invested in it.

      Came across a vendor at a dog show that was taking pictures of dogs and then oilifying them. Program ran on Win 95!

    • Andy

      You seem to have missed Windows 2000 between ME and XP here….

  • cort

    just upgraded a couple days ago. I sure wish I DID NOT, as it sucks. everything is different and all over the place. Windows 7 is 100 times better then crappy 8. that’s my opinion. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

  • John

    I’m waiting. I’ve always said that having the start screen be optional, allowing a non-full-screen variant, and allowing it to be configured for mouse users would make it less odious to the desktop crowd.

    It’s entrely possible that MS will come to its senses in SP1 and allow for some configuration which will enable a better compromise for those who can’t (or don’t want to) go full touch screen just yet. If that happens then I’ll consider upgrading.

    • http://www.delitech.info Dewald P Montgomery

      The Start screen actually works fantastic with a keyboard and mouse. (And pressing the Win key is just about as much effort as moving the mouse to the former Start button and clicking). I admit my fears have been completely wrong. It allows zoom out, quick scroll, instant search for not only programs but also files (just by typing, as in the old start menu), rearrange tiles in groups, move tiles, et al. Many wonderful features. The only thing that annoys me still is that I can’t directly send a shortcut to the desktop, but must first “open file location” and then send the shortcut from there. But try it – it’s not that bad. I got used to it in less than ten days!

      • http://w3tut.org/blog/c/windows damu

        nice! I am waiting for my mouse to arrive before i upgrade on my laptop. very excited!!!

  • Inverterd circle

    Windows 8 is not worth upgrading for me.

    I have only had Windows 7/64-bit for a little over 2 years. Over that time, I’ve finally become comfortable knowing how to tweak settings.

    (1)I have no interest in learning a new operating system, unless I’m forced to.
    (2)The interface looks incredibly childish. I am in my late 30’s, not a teenager that enjoys being inundated with dozens of apps staring you in the face. I realize that’s exciting for some, but not for me.
    (3)Really now, removing the start button that has been there for how many years, through 3+ operating systems? I understand the ever desire for change, but that type of change is just silly. The shutdown option is now inconveniently hidden under settings, but first you have to reveal it with a mouse swipe? No thank-you.

    Based on the approach Microsoft is taking, I am actually contemplating, for the first time in my life of switching to OSX. Yes, it would take time to learn, but so what. Perhaps there’s something to these Apples afterall.

    Or I just take a pill and skip this operating system and go have a beer!

    • SoCal71

      If it took you over 2 years to get comfortable with Windows 7, OSX will clearly be over your head!

      • Joel1245

        SoCal71, he probably meant ‘since that time’ instead of meaning to say it took him two years to get comfortable with Windows 7. Common sense buddy, common sense.

        • Hugo

          Osx is a great choice for anyone who wants to stay in the dark ages. Windows innovates (windows 8 is unlike anything before) but Osx has hardly changed in decades. I am much more productive on win 7 than I was on xp – not because of the technology, but because of the convenience. I couldn’t imagine going back to a closed ecosystem like Apple osx

  • http://ephedrinewheretobuy.com Mike Budd

    Definitely not, I have too many bad experiences adopting the new Microsoft OS before they fix all problems, probably in two years depending on people’s feedback.

  • Michael Forsberg

    I really think that one should have the option of booting into Metro style start screen or traditional desktop. Now, you are forced into Metro start! It just seems kind of clunky and “Fisher Price”!

    • Joel1245

      Yeah, I’m holding off. I hate the Windows 8 metro style. Sticking to Windows 7 since I just upgraded to it when it came out. I don’t feel like just because Microsoft feels the impulse to jump to the latest style that I need to as well. Besides, I tried the public release of Office 2013 and wasn’t impressed. Aside from the Metro style being applied to it, most of the functionality of Office 2010 was the same. I don’t want to buy a new OS from them and find out that all they changed was how I went about doing something. I’ll wait for them to work out all the bugs and see reviews to decide.

  • http://www.e-lynks.com James Vaughn

    The young Turks who design online access protocol obviously believe that their audience thinks and acts as they do; not so; we PC users, both young and old, need a more conventional graphic interface. In short, we need a printed menu, not the hidden touch-screen access they are touting.

  • Davefgranger

    Well I’m using Windows 8 right now, and (and appreciate that this is entirely subjective) it’s wicklesticks!

  • http://www.ifightinggames.com/ Jems Cinta

    Excellent this site is very important for us.

  • http://www.bepenfriends.com albert

    I am using windows 8 impressed with its speed of loading. But i am not happy to see my live id used everywhere. I never trust microsoft privacy policy.

    Because of this online data sync (who knows what), i am not happy with windows 8

  • Ray Harding

    I have been using it since the first previews and I must say that once you get used to the new interface it’s quite refreshing (it’s no use sticking your head in the sand- that’s progress)! It’s very internet orientated and the live tiles are brilliant and to have so much active information on the screen at once is brilliant. For all you dinosaurs- the same old desktop is but a click away! Open your minds and give it a go. By the way, I am normally a Mac user but I am not “blinkered” and can get on well with both systems. The boot up time of W8 is way faster than W7 which is a huge plus as far as I am concerned.

  • Hugo

    You say that win 8 doesn’t work for the enterprise, but it does. It seems to have lots of features that enterprise wants, such as hooks for line-of-business widgets that make people more productive and more comfortable using the computer. For us geeks, win8 is disruptive because it is different from xp and win7. For a lot of people, win8 is more approachable and makes more sense. And that applies in the workplace as well as at home.
    We forget – there are still millions of people who don’t understand a start button or a mouse – much less why the keyboard isn’t in alphabetical order!

  • http://facebook.com/willzco Will

    Windows 8 is virtually identical to Windows 7 save the start menu… its a gimmick and a desperate one at that, in response to google and ubuntu’s success or whatever… anyway no point in upgrading unless you enjoy an extra step to get to your desktop or several just to shutdown your computer…

    • Robert

      LOL! Your kidding…. right? Microsoft just BEAT Google to the unified operating system finish line. Google SHOULD BE concerned because Windows 8 will naturally drive consumers to look at Windows 8 phones.

      Google can seem to figure it out.. they are now changing the tablet interface to more closely resemble the phone experience. They see the writing on the wall and are probably concerned. Windows 8 tablets are bound to take a slice out of the Google pie.

      I love Google Fanboys who cry about Microsoft. You simply can’t count Microsoft out because they always seem to bounce back.

      • http://www.eatlovepray.me eatlovepray

        Windows 8 is worthless for PC. Meaning, it’s not worth it. However, Windows 8 is a huge step forward for tablets. I would love to have Win8 as an option on my Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Android OS is basically useless for Tablets.

        Android belongs on mobile phones. But it feels washed down on tablets.

        Would I upgrade to Win8 on pc? Nope. But if my new laptop comes with it, fine. But it would be useless for non touch-screen devices.

        Would I upgrade to Win8 on my tablet if it was possible? Definitely.

  • Robert

    Thankfully Rooms 2 Go did that! Last time I was there I was EXHAUSTED from carrying around the bedroom set!

  • FutureProof

    If your PC came preinstalled with at least Windows 7 Home Premium it is supposed to work better with Windows 8 for things like boot times, responsiveness and power consumption. That is if you can overcome the hassles of an upgrade with software and driver compatibility issues instead of a clean install.

    Real issue surely is if what you get is it really worth all that the hassle anyway.

    Wouldn’t be suprised if a Windows 9 or whatever is more successful because it gives more killer applications everyone will acually want.

    Perhaps like Toshiba’s research into creating 3D for TV’s without needing the glasses for PC screens as well?Yet thats still supposed to be some bit away.

  • John

    Windows is for those not smart enough to operate Linux, and who can’t afford the simplicity of a Mac. Take some time to learn how to operate a computer, and you will see Windows doesn’t even began to compare with Linux in terms of security and reliability.

    • Sean

      Typical flippant remark from a freetard with too much on their hands to do anything but learn how to use it. I want to use my PC to get work done, not fight with a distribution to get basic OS services working.

      • http://Derp Derp

        I tried all three Linux, Mac and Windows. Mac is simple but limited. You can only do what Mac tells you to do. Linux gives you all the freedom but you also have to set everything up by yourself. every single driver which I found too annoying in the end. Windows however can do everything that regular user needs. I personally hate mac and linux.

    • Sean

      Look at the bright side – at least it’s not Linux.

      • momo1526

        Not worth the upgrade unless you have a touchscreen. I tried Windows 8 on a PC made from left-over pieces on which Windows 7 worked great, and Windows 8 was really much slower. In comparison, Linux is much better than both in terms of speed and stability, but not compatibility, so I went back to a Linux/Windows 7 dual boot.

  • http://Windows8Isitworththeupgrade Michael J Lee

    My last computer had Windows Vista with both Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2.I just bought a new HP Pavilion p7-1235 that came with Windows 7 Home Premium and I am so exited how fast Windows 7 is working for me.I am extremely hesitant about going to Windows 8 and I might wait till the last day of January if I decide at all about switching to Windows 8.Windows 8 needs to work out the bugs like what they did for Windows 7.

    • http://Windows8Isitworththeupgrade Michael J Lee

      I am adding to my last comment regarding how I had Windows 7 Home Premium with my HP Pavilion.I wasn’t aware that I would have to purchase a Smart Screen and since everyone that has posted a comment on this site has said so I don’t have the funds to make that kind of purchase at this time.I live on a very limited income so I’ll stick what I have for now.

  • hermit

    I downloaded the program, Start8, to bring back the familiar start bar.
    GO to: http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/. It only costs $4.99. It has settings to eliminate the charms bar, which I have found to be uncharming and annoying. You can also eliminate the Metro start bar with all those big ugly buttons that launch apps that I do not need or want to use. So now when I boot into the Windows 8 preview, it goes directly to the desktop and looks exactly like Windows 7. You get the features that you liked and wanted in Windows 7, and get the extra speed of the Windows 8 operating system which supposedly has better security than Windows 7. I also have added back the games from Windows 7 and Vista. Goto http://www.howtogeek.com/122145/what-happened-to-solitaire-and-minesweeper-in-windows-8/ to find out how to do this. And if you miss the Gadgets from Windows 7 and Vista, there is a program to fix this. It is called 8GadgetPack.
    I now call this version Windows 7.5.

    8 loads faster and shuts down faster then 7.

  • Eric

    My favorite OS over the recent years has been Windows 7. I have no plans on upgrading to Windows 8 since 7 has worked so well for me and will be supported by Microsoft for years to come. I’ve worked with OSX, Linux as well and Windows 7 besting both of those in my opinion. Windows 8 looks nice for tablet users. I owned an Android Tab at one point and sold it on eBay because I couldn’t stand the Android OS (or their app store for that matter).

  • Peter

    I have just send my copy back sor a refund. It went all through the install insisting that I remove or modify some of my programs. Got to the end then said it had an error amd reinstalled Windows 7. It did this twice and that was enough for me.

    Reminded me of Vists! I will wait until the bugs get ironed out.

  • Mike in Hanford

    I just bought a new HP it has windows 8 and it sucks, another vista type garbage being touted as wow by MS. Don’t subject yourself to unneeded frustration, It’s joke to go through your files. There pushing 8 extra hard like they did vista, If was any good they wouldn’t have push the advertising so hard. Be smarter than I and don’t buy windows 8. Now I have to pay to wipe the MS8 OS off and reload with 7. All I have to say is Mac is looking better everyday, and I don’t care for mac. Thanks Micro Stiff

  • Jeremy

    I am a computer consultant and have purchased and thoughouly tested this OS by installing many apps that were previously installed on my Windows7 OS. I did a clean install, not an upgrade. I followed the instructions to make certain that all the apps that I would install were compatible.

    Within a 24 hour period my computer completely crashed 6 times! Also, it had a constant display of various error messages. Windows 8 is in fact just another Vista. Custom built computers are the way to go, any reputable IT person will tell you that. Don’t buy computers at a retail store, you’re just wasting money

  • Mary Plotz

    Just bought a new Dell w/windows 8. Don’t do it. It is terrible. No more ease of adding favorites. very difficult to go backwards to your home pAGE. Hard to find how to print anything. Just don’t do it. Yahoo tool bar completely disappeared and says it is not compatible with 8/ I hate it. So much clutter that I will never need. Who cares what the temperature is in HOng Kong? Not me.

    • lmaonade

      That sounds awful, but i think i’ve solved your problems for you. Printing, click the wrench. I figured this out after a few minutes, as there are only like three buttons on the screen to click, so it had to be one of them. The Yahoo toolbar is gone? You used to have it before? That’s great news. I’ll get ahold of 1999 and let them know that you have it, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. As far as the clutter, just right click on it and get rid of it. You can have the whole start menu be empty, like a fortress of solitude. As for the temperature in Hong Kong, I feel your comments racist and short sighted. I’m pretty sure the people in Hong Kong and surrounding areas are very interested in what the temperature is there. If you’re not, you could, hell I dont know, click on the weather app and tell it to use your location? Unless you like to be mad.

  • Masood

    I am using windows 8 prewive last 4months and now want to know how to buy it.
    I wAs working on win7 32 bit and installed win8 32 bit so all my things from time of windos98 all working well
    Unfortunately I have not touch screen which is really needed for win 8
    1st time windows button working on key board. As my I friend above said difficult to reach home screen it is not true as just press window button on key board u r at home and go now where ever u like
    I like it and I am looking to buy it if some one can helpe as I installed win8 consumer per view on my new lap top.

  • alton Sunday

    Windows 8 is a joke. It is designed for touch screen not a regular PC.

    I purchased Start8 and it bring back the regular start menu back. I frankly can’t see any difference in using 7 or 8. Save your money

  • DimWit1

    I am trying to find the Window 8 (Home) upgrade, NOT Windows 8 PRO. Cannot find such an animal retail or at Microsoft. Obviously they don’t want to sell it or it has not been developed. My Acer Netbook will not upgrade fully to Windows Pro and I am not going to mess up my orginal install. I am going to upgrade to a better version of Windows 7, let Microsoft get the bugs out of Window 8. I am not into apps etc., do not have a smart phone, or iPad, so I am out of the loop. guess I am getting to old for every new thing that comes down the pike.

  • Edward van den Heuvel

    I am extremely disappointed about Windows 8. It is an enormous step back from Windows 7. I cannot understand why Microsoft has developed such garbage.
    I am trying for hours to send a simple e-mail from my yahoo account with an attachement and the bloody Windows 8 simply does not allow me to do that. It is a complete garbage operating system, it is extremely user-unfriendly. I recommend everybody to never have this garbage installed on his/her computer. I am very disappointed by Dell having this mentally-retarded operating system standard installed on its new laptops.

  • Stephen Becker

    After 30 years (in a now-previous career) as an I/T Professional, I decided to simply give up on the Microsoft platform altogether (I got SO SICK of seeing “not responding”…) So three months ago I made the switch to a Mac running OS X (8.2) and as one whose first computer was an IBM PS2 running IBM DOS, then years of Microsoft and Windows, I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO P.C. and WINDOWS AGAIN. I absolutely love my Mac and OS X. Solid, stable, no lock-ups, incredibly fast boot-up, even faster awakening from sleep mode, it just works. Every time. It’s logical, easy to use, yet robust. The only Microsoft software I now own/use is Office for the Mac (which is way better than the p.c. version). Some of the p.c. die-hards will probably post angry replies to me for saying it, but all of the politics and that kind of stuff aside, take my advise. Just dump Windows altogether.

  • Joseph Ramirez

    I am not using a laptop, so why would I want to run software designed for a laptop on my PC??? HELLO MICROSOFT, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???
    NO, I REFUSE TO BUY AS NEW COMPUTER, There is nothing wrong with the one I have!!! Make an OS that is just as effective AND WORKS without compromising the machinery!!! User friendly? I don’t think so. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” And I don’t mean the same old OS with a new look!

    • Anonymous

      Cheap ass bitch!

  • Onkar

    I’m 12 years old. I’ve used Linux lubuntu, xp, 7, and I am considering going to win 8. I don’t know if I should upgrade to windows 8, cos everyone is saying its basically.. Crap. Idk so someone plz help me…… I don’t want to waste my saved money…. And my time.

    • Onkar

      Is it a fail… A bit like vista?

  • MCzar

    I upgraded my BootCamp on my mac from windows 7 to 8 yesterday and I personally think it isn’t too bad. It’s basically integrating the phone with the computer. I had the same issues when Apple did it sometime ago but it kind of grew on me and I don’t think it’s too bad. Yes the start button is missing so that classic feel might be gone, but never the less, I don’t think Windows 8 should be categorized as the worst update. Overall the flow, the onscreen apps are good (found TuneIn radio, just like iOS and Android) and some other ones. Of course lots of time is needed to expand the small amount of current apps, but that’s always how it is in the beginning.

  • Kenji101

    Well,, I got a chance to play with windows 8 on a new laptop recently. First time going in to seeing it in person with reading reviews on both positive and negative. Honestly, it’s not near as bad as those who seem to cry because of the way it changed. Windows 7 is a fantastic workmanship in my opinion. Things worked and actually is compatible with XP stuff that even vista was fail to do. Windows 8 actually does the same thing,,, it runs all of window’s 7 programs and drivers so those who think they need to replace their printers n what not, you don’t. The start menu was actually a nice touch. Replace a button with your main desktop as your main, with all your apps, your news, your main daily thing you use and a desktop second. Those who actually can’t live with out a desk top, you don’t have to fear, there is a desk top on their as well. Second, having a touch screen laptop or desktop really doesn’t matter on the OS. Yes it’s a very nice touch, but its not needed. yes it is mainly designed for it due to it being from windows phone and tablet, but the functionality works the same using your mouse as u would your finger on a screen. Downfall honestly, again this is in my opinion, that the app store still isn’t up to par as were it should be by now, all the apps they developed over time from the launch of windows phone 7 and tablet, are the same to PC. Does not mean they will not improve though over time. second is the customization. It’s not really that big of a deal but it would be nice to actually choose witch tiles I want to expand on my start menu then have the tiny ones. Dumb I know but it’s my opinion. So far that’s really all I see currently. Rest they have time to fix the small minor stuff now that it’s still coming out of the box. Worth the upgrade.. Not really if you already are happy with your hardware now, but if you are like me and just went to a electronic store and tested it out first hand and you think it’s an improvement then do so. Regardless hardware wise, if you can run windows 7, you can run 8 with no problem.

  • Steve Grogan

    I have used PC for many years, since the beginning of windows 95. I have always be a fan and have always supported windows. I love windows 7, but windows 8 I am still on the fence about.

    1. No DVD Playback
    2. No BlueRay Playback
    3. Haven’t quite figured out why the App thing with desktop users. Telephones are one thing and a Computer is another.
    4. They should have made a Desktop Version only, no apps or at least the ability to do so.
    5. Finally, I personally think it’s all about the money and not about the user anymore. They want everyone to pay for all the add-on apps and the ability to use certain programs. ( Like Media Center for instance.) So I will be going back to windows 7 unless Microsoft decides to change this greedy behavior.

  • http://logbookloansquotes.co.uk/ logbook UK

    I have already used the beta version and i was hoping that microsoft will make some improvements in final version but i was disappointed to see that there was no major changes, and and i think i will waste my money for just the look when i already have window 7, and i am happy with it.

  • george

    bought neew pc with windows 8 had windows 7 cd and i switched back as microsoft wanted to chartge me to get windows 8 pro to het windows media center its for lap ops and seft phone users not pc,s

  • chris

    I’ve been using windows for years, and i’ve grown attached to the familiar start bar, moving the mouse around the desktop, and using a user-friendly system. But windows 8 just changed the whole view of windows. It looks more like an Xbox than a Computer. Also, i don’t want to buy a computer that does the exact same things as windows 7, only with a new look and a few changes. When Windows 9 comes out, i’d like the old interface and user-friendly system to come back or i’m switching to Apple. Windows has almost completely lost my attention now.

    • Herbert Pasveer

      Hello, I ready your comment about the start button. I agree with you about Windows 8, and I removed it from the computer. But the problem with the start button is easlily solved. The start button can be bought for about € 5,-. Just go to Stardock.com.

  • G

    This os is terrible “get rid of it Microsoft it’s a White elephant and you will make everyone hate you” people like backwards comparability what gamer in his right mind is gonna install this for the next decade unless they can play all Thier games on it just over a phone, it’s like they are forcing everyone to upgrade their phone and pc at the same time and none of their old stuff will Hardly work and rip everyone off with apps, an iPhone works with xp never mind apples current os and all the functions on their new hands sets need windows 7 at least witch is fine and backwards friendly I just got a lumia and found out all this and to be honest I going back the shop for the iPhone five upgrade from my ipone 4 even though it will cost me at least they ain’t trying nail my bank account by charging me for loads of new apps because I won’t be able do anything on my new os and phone jog on Microsoft I hope you you all get I virus you and your computers

  • Hammy

    It’s crap. Upgraded a perfectly good windows 7 pc last night. All worked, apart from f-secure, guitar pro and some other programs.

    Played with it a bit, found it annoying but it worked.

    Come this morning, started up and hung – the annoying twirly things for the egg timer, just froze. Wouldn’t do anything. Try getting the old F8 – even shift+f8 to get safe mode – forget it, you need nuclear timing. Eventually got safe mode after an hour trying. Back to normal start – froze again…after 7 hours eventually logged on….but mouse didn’t work…no applications would start, desktop wouldn’t start…nothing…absolutely nothing. Eventually doing a ‘refresh’ but expect my applications to go now…..
    This is worse than Vista and that’s saying something. Biggest pile of shite MS have released. Now I have one laptop that was working perfectly well with WIn7, but now is sodding useless…thanks MS….thanks for nothing. WHat a stinking heap of shite you ahve produced. I will stick with Win7….

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