WIN With Linux Software Development Program

    January 5, 2006

WIN Enterprises, a company specializing in embedded controllers and platforms for OEMS, announced their development of a Linux software development program that includes a software development kit for its OEM customers.

Apparently, the new program is designed to advance WIN’s work on compact, high-performance, low-power designs based around the Intel’s Pentium M and AMD’s Opteron x86 processors.

The WIN Linux Support Program features:

* OEM Software Development Kit (SDK) for fast time-to-market

* Free downloadable Linux images for testing WIN-based embedded designs, available in CompactFlash and CD formats

* On-line, automated software updates

* Fee-based consultancy and support programs

“Linux is becoming the de facto standard in the x86 embedded OEM marketplace,” says Chiman Patel, President and CEO of WIN Enterprises. He continues, “The WIN software development kit and Linux testing images make it faster and easier for OEMs to bring their products to market.”

Based on the Linux 2.6 kernel, the new easy-to-use software products are available now to WIN Enterprises customers. Both versions of the Linux Image for testing feature a complete 2.6 Linux kernel plus a GUI for easy interfacing and testing on WIN’s embedded designs.

The Linux SDK is downloadable, and regular updates will be free of charge with versions updated automatically via the Internet. Expert consulting, technical support and maintenance is available on a paid-fee basis.

Pricing comes in at $995 for the Linux SDK and the OEM Testing Image is free. The cost comes in the telephone support with ten days running $2995 and 24×7 for a year runs $30,000.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.