Wimbledon Live, You Supply The Strawberries

    June 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Tennis fans need not be limited in their Wimbledon viewing by the capricious whims of broadcast networks, thanks to another season of Winbledon Live online.

Traveling to England involves the usual annoyances of flying internationally, from having all of your documents handy while juggling a carry-on, to taking off shoes for scanning while hoping the aroma from them doesn’t set off an airport lockdown.

Rather than vying for a coveted seat at Centre Court, lots of people opt for the excellent television coverage and commentary of Wimbledon each summer. Since last year, MediaZone and broadcasters ESPN and NBC have made Wimbledon Live available to Internet users.

For a flat all-access fee, or the purchase of a daily pass, people can catch all of the matches on Wimbledon’s courts. This is made available as live and on-demand coverage of the tennis taking place during the tournament.

The Wimbledon fan will need a Windows computer running Windows Media Player and a broadband connection to handle the streams. There’s no Mac or Linux availability, and champagne and strawberries & cream purchases are the responsibility of the viewer.

However, this year’s subscribers will be able to grab something new from the site. A PDF copy of the official program will be placed online for download by paying customers. Fans will be able to choose from over 300 matches being played this year.

Unless you are in a country where live streaming won’t be available, the deal looks like it’s ‘advantage viewers’.