WiMAX Alliance: Intel And Nokia

    June 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Big names will give the nascent broadband wireless standard a big push toward widespread acceptance.

The chip maker and the handset maker, both tops of their fields, have agreed to back the 802.16e version of the wireless standard IEEE 802.16. It’s an agreement that could bring unwired broadband Internet access to users in two years.

Under today’s agreement, the two companies will develop WiMax clients and infrastructure, and promote the technology to wireless providers. Existing 3G wireless providers could use WiMax data services to complement 3G network services.

“Broadband technologies – of all types – represent an enormous opportunity for businesses and individuals around the world,” said Sean Maloney, executive VP and general manager of Intel’s mobility group, in a statement

“Even though we and the industry as a whole are at the early stages of discovery and development, the industry momentum is remarkable. To have innovators like Nokia working to bring WiMAX and other broadband wireless technologies to the masses is very encouraging.”

Successful rollout of WiMax clients will require adequate and reliable network coverage. Wireless broadband providers will need to provide their customers a seamless experience to drive adoption of what will be new phones and new services.

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