William Shatner Reveals Some Juicy Star Trek TNG Gossip

    August 27, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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William Shatner is just as relevant as ever, perhaps more so. The man is a pop-culture icon, right up there with the likes of George Takei.

Now the Captain/Admiral is once again mining the lode that brought him all that attention. His latest project, a new documentary William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge, takes a look at the first two years of production for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Shatner was not on that show, of course, but that doesn’t stop him from bringing some insider info to light.

The documentary explores the early days of the TNG project through interviews with cast members. Among other tidbits, Shatner reveals that Patrick Stewart was not the first choice for Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He also talks about infighting and back stabbing that went on behind the scenes among other members of the cast.

The one-hour documentary gives particular attention to the role of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in launching and shepherding the TNG series.

The Toronto Sun calls the project “a rich, raucous look at the messy birth of TV’s most famous utopian future, and the two years that nearly ended the whole thing before it started.”

Shatner has been making the rounds of late, particularly thanks to his decades-old “feud” with Original Series and feature films co-star George Takei. The origin of their acrimony is still a mystery. Shatner denies ever giving Takei cause for animosity toward him, and contradicts the tales Takei tells about his on-set behavior.

Perhaps we will one day discover that these two have been playing us all and laughing all the way to the bank thanks to a rumor mill snit that really amounts to nothing.

  • d. angkor

    Juicy Star Trek Gossip? Where?

  • dj6424

    William Shitner is a total self adsorbed (d)ick. he will do or say anything just to bring attention to himself.

    • Queefer Sutherland

      If that were true he’d have said he was Moses, or Jesus Christ.

    • rglushakow

      It takes one to know one, eh? You must be terribly jealous!

  • Phil

    Hey dj6424, learn to spell before you criticize other people-adsorbed?

    • Chuck

      Dang spelling cops………

    • Caroline Mcclain

      And Phil, you need to learn how to read before being a spell checker. You are wrong. I spell checked and all the words are spelled correctly. I would recommend that you get yours checked and get some reading glasses so you can see and read better.

      • Internet Avenger

        Just because a word is spelled correctly doesn’t mean it’s the proper word. Adsorbed is not the same as absorbed, which is what the OP was implying. Perhaps a dictionary would have been of better use for all of you instead of spell check. Or better yet, how about we all stop being so judgmental? 😀

  • Catherine Andronik

    When TNG came on, I had friends who had been Original fans. We were, to put it mildly, not impressed…at least for the first season. Second season improved HUGELY. Maybe what we were sensing had something to do with the cast not having gelled yet.

    • TheKid!

      That show did not really take off until THE BORG!!! Killing Tasha Yar was a surprise however!

  • Caroline Mcclain

    He is a prima donna, loves being center of attention. Has been loser.

  • TheKid!

    George Takei is simply seeking relevance…

  • Carl Mastromarino

    “The man is a pop-culture icon, right up there with the likes of George Takei.” Are you for real? Just cause George Takei came out recently to get attention, he is NOT an icon!

    • Jim Jimjim

      Recently? I guess if you consider 2005 recent…

  • Whysaduck

    I would think the cause of George Takei’s anger is obvious to everyone and I seriously doubt he’s faking it. Shatner should take his own advise and live under a rock somewhere.

  • Sam McGee

    I had always heard that Jimmy Doohan was the one who really hated Shatner, but I’ve been out of the ST inside dirt loop for quite awhile. I think it likely that Shatner was difficult to work with, but I’m still pleased that he was the original Captain!