Will UndoTV Be “UndoneTV”?

    November 13, 2006

The creators of the defunct TechTV have plans to launch a new project called UndoTV. The focus of UndoTv will be all things tech. The site will feature uploading of photo, video, audio and text. Creators Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo hope to capture an audience of not just tech folks but technophobes as well.

In a posting on his site Chris Pirillo said, “What’s more, we’re really trying to help people who are afraid of technology – and getting a technophobe to pay attention to “tech” anything is nothing short of impossible. Let me put it to you another way: how do normal people discover YouTube videos?”

According to UndoTV.com their audience will determine site direction. “The UndoTV talent base is starting with the former ZDTV / TechTV staff, previous show guests, and vetted friends. Without a base of quality content, we’d be nothing more than a video portal clone.

Everybody is welcome here.

The community (you) will determine the direction of our efforts.” They are also aiming for original content. A statement on their webpage requests that, “If you want to upload someone else’s content, please do so elsewhere? It’s the community’s job to keep this community clean, cool, and collected. We hope you take that responsibility to heart”

Pikspot will be the platform behind UndoTV. There will be a preview party tomorrow in Toronto, Ontario.

Will UndoTV gain a following? Will they be able to grab the attention of the tech crowd or the technophobes? Or will UndoTV become “UndoneTV”?


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