Will The New Xbox Cost $299?

    April 12, 2005

With the MTV/Xbox announcement looming, many have begun to look ahead to the next Xbox launch, which should occur in time for the 2005 holiday season. Not only are people speculating about the launch date, but the price point for the upcoming console has been discussed too.

Xbox Logo

Early predictors indicate a price of $400 may be awaiting the insatiable Xbox crowds. However, in the midst of the MTV hubbub, Goldman Sachs has offered a prediction concerning the price, which is decidedly lower than the earlier guesses of $400.

According to SeattlePI.com, a research page provided by Goldman Sachs anticipates the price of the upcoming Xbox to be in the neighborhood of $249-$299 USD, with a launch window as early as October. The article also offers:

All told, Goldman Sachs analysts say they expect Microsoft to ship about 3 million units of the next Xbox in the fourth quarter of this year, while continuing to ship the current Xbox console, to address the lower end of the market, even after releasing the new console. The analysts write that it would “seem imprudent” for the company to discontinue the current Xbox “given that Xbox 2 would probably not be available in sufficient quantities to meet demand for the seasonally strong December quarter.

A $300 price tag would undoubtedly be more welcome than the $400 one, but if the higher estimate turns out to be reality, don’t expect it to hurt initial sales of the much-hyped console.

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