WildBlue Embraces Google

    December 18, 2007

I’d wager that not a lot of people visit their Internet service provider’s homepage on a daily basis.  Still, whoever drops by the WildBlue.net homepage will, starting in 2008, see an absolute swarm of Google’s services.

WildBlue is a satellite ISP, and it recently sealed a deal to put Google’s products in front of its customers.  Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Page Creator, and Google Gadgets are all involved, so this is more than some sort of superficial, email-related exchange.

"We think WildBlue’s customers will enjoy discovering these new and exciting opportunities to find, share and interact on the web," said Stephen Cho, the product management director of Google Syndication Products, in a statement.

Now, normally, we might cut out that bit of PR-speak.  But it seems unusually relevant at the moment, given a debate over Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet.  Garett Rogers writes, "The right place for Google is at the consumer level – until it can take greater steps to cover the majority of needs enterprise users have, they should focus on doing exactly what they did with WildBlue."

We still won’t look for Google to topple Microsoft, then (at least not in the near future), but as it makes improvements (and Microsoft makes mistakes), market shares may move.