Wikipedia, YouTube Driven By Heavy Traffic

    October 26, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The comScore numbers for top global web properties saw Wikipedia and YouTube pick up 12 percent gains in their unique visitors age 15 and up from around the world.

Wikipedia, YouTube Driven By Heavy Traffic
YouTube/MySpace Popularity Depends On Traffic

Microsoft sites still lead the pack, with 505 million visitors arriving in September 2006 according to the comScore numbers. If you are wondering what makes Microsoft so heavily visited, a combination of Automatic Updates and Windows Genuine Advantage checks probably have more to do with that traffic than the MSN Butterfly does.

Yahoo sites edged out Google properties in September, but not by a wide margin. 480 million visitors hit Yahoo’s various properties in the midst of that company’s marketing blitz. Google picked up 467 million visitors to its sites for the month.

Traffic drops into the 200 millions for the next two Internet players. EBay drew 237 million unique visitors to its online marketplace. Time Warner Network, which includes AOL, grabbed 217 million, which should be of some help to AOL’s dreams of a richly profitable ad-supported/audience driven future.

The quartet of properties that followed all managed to break into nine digits for their September traffic. Wikipedia leaped to 154 million visitors, while the online retailer Amazon drew 133 million. Fox Interactive Media includes MySpace in its properties, and brought in 117 million visitors.

Rapidly improving properties associated with, including its search services, helped it grab 112 million uniques in September. No other site broke the 100 million mark for the period.

Adobe and Apple both came close, with 95 million and 94 million visitors in September. Lycos made a strong statement with 91 million visitors, easily edging out the various CNET properties that drew 84 million.

ComScore’s other big gainer, YouTube, is a network unto itself, and brought in 81 million unique visitors. If that gets added in to Google’s site numbers, Google would easily best Microsoft’s monthly traffic, not to mention everyone else’s.


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